Why Clip-In Hair Extensions is the Best Choice for your Wedding Day


When you are on your wedding day, you will want everything to be perfectly done. This is especially true for your look as a bride. From the makeup to the wedding dress and your hair, every bride wants to feel as beautiful on the outside as she feels on the inside. When talking about any kind of wedding hairstyle, you will find that most will require that you have hair extensions added to your hair to make your hair have a fuller body and better looking hairdos.


Whether you want your hair in an updo or running down your back, adding hair extensions will elevate your look to the next level. The thing you will have to settle on in this scenario is what kind of hair extensions you want to use. Usually the most recommended type of hair extensions to use are clip-in ones. There are clip-in Canada hair extensions that many women use on their wedding day for a range of reasons. Seven of the most prominent reasons are the ones that will be discussed here to give you an idea of why clip-ins are better than any other hair extension type.

1-   High quality

Clip-in hair extensions are usually made of very high quality materials. This is important because you do not want your hair extensions to look overly obvious or fake during your wedding. You will want the extensions to look as realistic and as blended as possible with your natural hair. High quality of hair extensions means that they will not easily get torn out of your hair. High quality, also means that the clips are made to have a strong grip that will not get loose while you are doing any activity you might do such as dancing.

2-   No damage

One of the best things about clip-in hair extensions of any kind is that it does negligible damage to your hair. In comparison to other hair extensions that need glue and other materials for an application, this type will have the least amount of damage on both your hair and your scalp. It is important to note that although you want to look beautiful, you should not have to damage your hair to achieve that desire. Using clip-in hair extensions will give you the look you want without making your hair hate you.

3-   Variety of colors

Clip-in hair extensions will give you a wider variety of colored extensions than other hair extensions that you could use on a temporary or longer term basis. You could easily find your desired color, whether it is a natural or an unusual hue. This is a great thing to have in any kind of hair extension because more variety means you will not have a hard time getting the look you want for your wedding day. Whether you want a totally new and unique look or a look that is sophisticated and elegant, you will be able to get it done with clip-in hair extensions.

4-   Easy usage

As the name suggests, clip-in hair extensions are put into the hair and kept in place by clips. There are various types of clips that work for each hair type to ensure that the extension does not slip off from your hair during your wedding. Clips make hair extensions very simple to use because they are not complicated and they do not have to be applied by a professional hairdresser because of how easy they are to use. The hair extensions themselves come in various sizes that you can add into your hair in different places to create a much more voluminous look without the hassle of trying to trim or alter them to fit your head.

5-   Affordable

Clip-in hair extensions are actually a more affordable than other types of hair extensions. Because they are applied using clips, you can keep on reusing them one outing or event after the other. This is more than what you will get out of applying hair extensions using glue which will fall out after a couple of showers taken. This means that on the long-term, clip-in hair extensions are more affordable and well worth the money spent to make your wedding day even more special. Keep in mind that because clip-in extensions are easily done at home, you also do not have to pay a hairdresser copious amounts of money to get hair extensions done making clip-ins much more affordable.

6-   Easy styles

Just like the fact that there is a range of colors that you could get clip-in hair extensions in, there are also various styles you can get to suit your own tastes. You can get various types of curly extensions, straight ones, or even wavy extensions to match your hair type or the hairstyle that you have in mind for your special day. You could also buy the hair extensions in one style, then use a straightener or a curling iron to change up the look of your extensions according to the event or mood you are in. You should be aware that the higher the quality the better time you will have styling your extensions using heat tools.

7-   Easy removal

After a long day of looking fabulous with your hair extensions in, you have one of two choices. You can either sleep with your hair extensions in, which is possible because the clips lie flat against your scalp so that you are not bothered by them in sleep, or you can very easily remove your hair extensions for the night. Removing clip-in hair extensions is even simpler than putting them in because all you will have to do is unclip them and slide them right out of your hair to keep from using at a later time.

An unforgettable day

When you are on your wedding day, you will barely be able to contain your excitement for the lifelong journey ahead of you. You will be surrounded by many of your loved ones, and will be taking as many photographs as possible to have this date be remembered forever.  Having the perfect hairstyle will ensure that every picture taken and every moment shared will be up to your expectations. Having clip-in hair extensions will give you that flawless, beautiful look you will want to be remembered on your big day.