Why Do We Need to Purify Our Drinking Water?


Water is the source of life. It is the most basic necessity of our lives, which is used for almost all day-to-day activities such as cooking, bathing, cleaning and, obviously, drinking. With the increasing pollution levels and heightened health crisis, we need to acknowledge the importance of a clean water. Our drinking water carries numerous pollutants and harmful chemicals that need to be eliminated before use to avoid health issues. Purifying drinking water has now become a common practice in every household.


Now, there are several ways of purifying tap water. The most common ways are boiling or, even better, using a water purifier such as a reverse osmosis system that has made lives easier. If you’re planning on buying one, and we insist you should, a few factors need to be considered. A good Reverse Osmosis filtration blog will suggest that you invest in a system that removes major contaminants and carries a long-lasting filter. Using this system to purify drinking water is extremely safe and energy efficient, and hence highly recommended.


So here’s why you need to purify your drinking water:

Kills harmful bacteria and viruses

One of the major bacteria types that your drinking water and food might carry is E. coli, which spreads food poisoning and diarrhea. Among the viruses, Hepatitis A is the most common that can enter your water source through several ways. These bacteria and virus types can take a toll on your health, taking a few days, or maybe weeks, to recover. To prevent constant onset of health issues, it’s necessary to purify tap water on a regular basis.

Eliminates harmful chemicals, impurities and metals

A reverse osmosis system will eliminate heavy metals and harmful chemicals such as lead, fluoride, arsenic, radium, mercury, and sulfides that could otherwise cause major health issues. Depending on whether the system carries carbon filters, it can remove additional chlorine as well. The water that you get from the tap usually contains a lot of mud deposits that give it a slightly yellowish tinge. These carbon filters present in the RO systems trap these mud particles, making the water 100% safe to drink. This can also reduce the chances of several types of cancer like colon and bladder cancer, along with eliminating the risks of gall stone that can be extremely painful. Also, the semi-permeable membranes in reverse osmosis systems do not let the harmful salts and other impurities pass through. The safety level of your drinking water is measured in TDS or Total Dissolved Salts, which shouldn’t exceed 300 ppm. You can reduce the level by purifying your water using an RO system.

Improves taste

A lot of users who experimented with boiling water and water purifiers preferred water from the purifying system due to its enhanced taste. The process of boiling water isn’t 100% efficient in killing bacteria and fails in improving its taste. It actually frees the oxygen present in the water, which makes it tasteless. An improved water taste will also encourage your children to drink more water, making it a constant habit that’s great for their health.

Promotes better health overall

Apart from preventing diseases and other health issues, drinking purified water can definitely promote better health overall. It helps in detoxification of your inner body and flushes out harmful toxins. This helps in making your digestive system better, eliminating gastrointestinal problems and promoting a healthier and glowing skin texture. 

You can cook healthier food

If you cook with unpurified water that has harmful salts and other impurities, it can majorly alter the taste of your ingredients and cooked food. Using purified water not only retains the natural taste of your food, but also contributes in keeping it healthy and hygienic. Use a water purifier within reach to make it a habit. 

Safe for children and infants

Children and infants are usually more prone to diseases and illnesses and, thus, it’s extremely important to give them safe water. It can improve their immune system, which can help in fighting various diseases. It also helps in rectifying their digestive system, preventing diarrhea and constipation. 



Having a reverse osmosis system to purify your tap water for drinking and cooking can also save money and the environment. Since an RO system is energy efficient, you save on bills, making it extremely cost effective. Secondly, you don’t need to buy bottles and bottles of water anymore, leading to reduction of plastic usage and ultimately taking a better step towards the environment. You can see why and how purifying your tap water using these systems has become extremely important. We’d highly recommend you take this step too.