Why Double-Glazed Windows are an Ideal Energy Efficient Choice

Replacement projects make up around 40% of home improvement costs.

Whether you are choosing windows for a new home or replacing existing windows, it's crucial to use windows that are built for your surrounding climate.

Taking steps to minimize energy transfer can make your home feel cozier. Double-glazed windows can also save your wallet in the long run.

Let's uncover the basics of double glazing and why better windows can transform your home from the outside in.


Double-Glazed Window Treatments: The Basics


What is double glazing?

You may have heard of double glazing in a technical sense. Window manufacturers use terms like this for different window designs.

Windows come with different kinds of glass. Glass can be thinner or thicker. It can come with different coatings for added insulation.

Insulation can protect your windows against tree branches, home runs, and break-ins.

Double-glazed windows have two panes of parallel glass, not one. A window with two or three panes may also be called "thermal glass" or "insulated glass" per one's preference.

Double-glazed windows come in varying designs depending on the climate and type of home.

Some double-glazed glass has dead air space between the two panes. Most double-glazed windows now come with inert gas between the panes.

Retrofitting replaces your single-glazed glass with double-glazed glass.

As long as your current panes pass basic safety tests, you can cut your replacement job in half. You don't have to remove the current window structure or spend as much on window replacements.


Advantages of Double Glazing


Double-glazed windows provide extra protection in new and existing homes.

Double glazing adds to the form and function of your home. Sturdy windows can make your home more comfortable. Above all, they make your home safer, too.

Single-glazed windows create a thin line between the outdoors and indoors. One stray baseball or robbery attempt can erase that line altogether.


Keeping the Outdoors Outside


One advantage of double-glazing windows is the added insulation. Modern homes use a lot of energy just to get to a comfortable temperature.

Effective insulation goes beyond the thickness of your window panel. True insulation requires windows that won't break or let any foul weather indoors.

The gas between double-glazed window panes, such as argon or xenon, does a better job of limiting energy transfer than regular air.

Limited energy transfer leads to better insulation for the home, which leads to better protection against the elements.

People living in extreme climates rely on window glazing to regulate indoor temperatures. Double-glazed windows make it easier to maintain livable conditions in an unforgiving environment.

The extra insulation provides better thermal resistance. Thermal resistance controls how much heat escapes from your home in the wintertime.

Double-glazed windows not only keep your home from losing heat- by keeping heat indoors, it becomes easier to regulate indoor temperatures. Single-glazed windows may result in fiddling with the thermostat all day, to no avail.


Calmer and Quieter Indoor Spaces


Notice that howling dog or noisy motorcycle zooming past your window every day?

Tired of music blaring from next door or nearby businesses filling your home with grating noise? Tired of hearing the mower or landscaping tools when you just want to relax indoors?

Your windows may not be designed to filter out noise. Single-glazed windows do little for medium or high-frequency noise control.

Double-glazing blocks out sound waves that might otherwise travel through windows into your home. While double-glazed windows may still let some sound in, you'll still notice how much quieter your home is throughout the day.

You may find that you and your family sleep sounder at night after installing double-glazed windows. You may also end up getting a better quality of rest.

Even when you are awake, you may have an easier time focusing on various activities around the house. Your brain will appreciate having less noise to filter out.

Likewise, if you or your loved one want to jam out in a creative space, you can do so without all of that noise leaking out into the neighbors' homes. You can also turn the TV up as loud as you want without the streaming content traveling beyond your walls.


Energy Efficiency


Double-glazed windows use less energy immediately and long-term.

At any moment, your windows combat the transfer of warm or cool air. When you use double-glazed windows, they limit how much energy can enter your home and disrupt your desired temperature range.

At the same time, warm or cool air tries to escape through windows and other openings. The same technology that keeps extreme weather out keeps the good air indoors where it belongs.

Studies show that double-glazed windows can reduce energy usage by almost one-third of the original amount. Bills tend to be highest in winter months. You stand to save a lot of money with the extra insulation in your windows.

For best results, homeowners ought to replace all windows in their homes, not just one or two. The initial expenditure can result in snowballing savings over time.


Custom Glazing Designs at Your Doorstep


Single-glazed windows limit your flexibility in design and functionality. Replacing your windows opens up a realm of technological possibilities with your home improvement project.

Double-glazed windows can include a specially-formulated coating that blocks almost all UV rays. You can opt for a urethane seal on the glazing to keep the Argon gas in place.

When designing your windows, you can choose from a variety of styles. Each style can be custom-fitted to your current window openings. You can also choose the interior and exterior colors for your new windows.

You also have flexibility in which kind of glass you choose. Double-glazed windows can come with designer glass or energy-efficient glass per your needs. Both result in quality window panes that will last for years to come.


Window Glazing: The Takeaway


The above tips can turn a seemingly stressful financial expenditure into an opportunity to transform your home. Construction may start from the ground up, but proper insulation starts with windows!

A double-glazed window can keep the coziness indoors and everything else outside, where it belongs!

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