Why Fresno Is Actually An Awesome Place To Vacation


Image Credit: Pixabay


When thinking of great California vacations, Fresno is typically not the first option that comes to mind. Fresno is often overshadowed by other California cities such as Los Angeles or San Diego. That being said, Fresno offers a wide variety of unique opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. There is a rapid expansion with new homes in Fresno, CA popping up rapidly, along with new vacation spots to sightsee and explore. Fresno can offer you the great features of larger California cities without making you feel too crowded or overwhelmed. You’d also be ensured that there would never be a dull moment in your vacation, as there is a surprisingly large amount of things to do in Fresno. Here are some of the things that make Fresno so great and an amazing place to take a vacation.


Yosemite National Park

While not located directly in Fresno, Yosemite is only a short drive away and easily accessible to anyone staying in Fresno. Yosemite is one of America’s most famous national parks and spans thousands of miles. The park is renowned for its beautiful lakes and mountains and is a perfect place to visit while on vacation. A park is a great place for the whole family to hike or have a nice picnic. Due to new additions and features to the park, Yosemite is experiencing its largest crowds ever as millions of people flock to the park yearly.  If you’re looking for a great place to visit just outside the city, then visiting Yosemite is definitely something you should look into.


Forestiere Underground Gardens

The Forestiere Underground Gardens are a very unique and special part of Fresno. The gardens are a series of underground structures that were built by Baldassare Forestiere in the early 1900's. The gardens contain beautiful architecture that was inspired by Forestiere’s hometown of Sicily. Sicily is known for its beautiful architecture, and Forestiere did his best to emulate this through his gardens.  In the gardens, you can also find a wide variety of plants flourishing such as orange and lemon trees. Experiencing Forestiere’s lifelong work is a truly breathtaking experience and should be a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Fresno.


Big Fresno Fair

If you’re lucky enough to come to Fresno at the right time, then you might be able to attend the Big Fresno Fair. The Big Fresno Fair is the largest annual event in the central valley of California and attracts over 600,000 people each year. The fair offers everything your typical county fair does but on a much larger scale. This includes livestock shows, live music, and horse racing. The Big Fresno Fair is a great way to get a small town feel on your big city vacation.  


China Peak Mountain Resort

The China Peak Mountain Resort is located just about 60 miles outside of Fresno and is a great destination for skiers and Snowboarders. The mountain stands at over 8,700 feet and offers trails that accommodate all experience levels. China Peak Mountain Resort offers plenty of beginner trails for those that are just learning, but also offers a lot of challenging trails for the veterans of the two sports. China Peak Mountain Resort is a great place for the whole family to get away and have an amazing time.