Why It Is Risky To Run A Business Without Backup Power?

Why It Is Risky To Run A Business Without Backup Power?

You may not be a fresher to the business. You would have spent years to learn the tricks and tactics by working under experienced supervisors. As a business owner, you know about your business and have an idea about the requirements for success. You would have taken different measures to safeguard your business, might be in the form of different insurances. But are you prepared for power outages that happens due to various reasons?

Imagine all the losses your business will experience due to power outage. Imagine how to run your business without lights, computers, assembly lines, cooling and heating systems, production, income, spoiled inventory and destroyed materials along the supply chain. It does not take a long time for your customers to approach your competitors at the time you are spending for power restoration. On the other hand, your workers and suppliers may get disappointed due to delayed payments and come to a situation, whether to offer services and products or not. It is the worst situation which your business should never face any time. However, several Australian business owners have experienced such situations. 

Power Outages and Blackouts are getting more frequent

Outages because of weather associated reasons like storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and cyclones etc. have doubled since 2000. Moreover, there is a recent chart and report which outlines power outages reasons and causes on a monthly and state by state basis. 

Unexpected disturbances mostly on power wires and lines are the main causes for blackouts. Sudden serious weather changes affect the complete system. The Australian power grid is gradually enhancing its load capacity and reviewing technology for years and thus the growing load has greatly improved. However, this helps very little in the whole unplanned outage department. 

Control errors and operational mismanagement can trigger closures, coordination failures which can result in overloads and the other reasons like trees leaning or falling can result in unplanned devastation.  The reliability of the Distribution and Transmission system is actually more complicated than simply holding the knack to grip the load. 

Several experts also say that power cuts have become more frequent. Recently, it has become common to see large level super-regional blackouts. Also small outages result in disastrous effects on businesses that are not prepared. 


What is the solution?

Of late there are several solutions to face this problem like the different types of generators that can provide electricity backup to different businesses be it small or large scale.  Just like business insurance, you need to develop a strong future for your business by installing a reliable backup power generator and a nonstop power supply for your important systems. 


Preparation is the excellent defense against power shutdowns in businesses

Most of the commercial facility managers and owners know the difficulty of a complete power outage. Some deny taking action in a thought that it would not happen to me. However, the chances to complete power failure either because of man-made disasters, natural disaster or a blackout cannot be and should not be ignored. It is, therefore, best to prepare before an emergency and not after experiencing them. It is recommended to remain proactive to safeguard your commercial facility before the power outage occurs. 

Power backup is the best business insurance

One of the important things to remember while functioning your business is to remain prepared for storms, floods and other occurrences that have chances to cause long term and medium-term power cuts. 

  • It is necessary to seek planning permissions according to the nature and location of your business.
  • Uninterruptible power supply or backup power experts and electrical engineers should find out what type of generator or power equipment you require.
  • The uninterruptible power supply or backup generator should be installed which is actually a fast process.

It is vital that you first sort out the technical and planning permission matters, it means you have completed half the task. Next, choose the backup power generator model which is suitable for your business. It can be customized to almost any structure or building and can be hidden from direct view easily. There are several units that can be set up in the cellars or basements, on roofs or hidden behind public-facing constructions. Moreover, sound attenuation equipment could also be added to diminish the noise which most backup power generators develop substantially. 

If you cannot get permission for an inbuilt generator system, you can choose portable units. It can be supplied to your business directly and it is simple to maintain and store. It can also be wheeled outside and started within a moment. It helps in keeping your business running and functional no matter what power failure your area is experiencing and no matter where your facility is located. 


Key points to consider for a backup power strategy

It is necessary to have a clear plan so as to deal with all kinds of power outages ranging from long term to short term. If there is no plan in place, then this is the best time to have a close view of the current environment and infrastructure. Here are some inputs that can help having a good power backup strategy in place. 

  • One of the basic levels of planning is to ensure that you have a power generator of any type in your arsenal. The backup generator can either be diesel or natural gas. It is sufficient to transfer power and run your important systems. Get help from a commercial electrician to review future requirements and determine your load. Obtain usage averages and data from the local power company to find out what kind of load your business requires. 
  • It is also recommended to use ATS or Automatic Transfer Switch along with the backup setup. It monitors utility power. For instance, when the power shutdown occurs, ATS shifts power from service to the generator thereby it starts up and conveys power to the business. After power is restored, the ATS conveys the power to the service and closes down the generator. 
  • Silent generators are recommended. If you are looking out for silent generators, speak to the technicians who can help you. If you’re looking for a silent generator, Karen Lao from Kruger Power (https://krugerpower.com.au/) suggests looking into an inverter generator. Inverter generators are more efficient and hence no need to fill up the gas tank frequently. Apart from being a no-noise option, these produce lower emissions. 
  • Instead of having the above system, you can also consider setting UPS. It is ideal for a short time power outage. It does not let your front line systems like computers and servers shut down before the generator transfers power. 
  • Generator system testing and maintenance: Several people get the basics and forget to ensure that everything is functional and performs when it is required most. It is seen in several blackouts where hospitals face problems with generators which had not been regularly maintained. Due to generator failure, they had to take patients to other nearby facilities. If you are not experiencing frequent shutdown or not using the generator properly, ensure to run the generator and look for issues. When the backup generator sits idle or has not been used for quite a long time, there are high chances of occurrence of issues in the mechanical equipment. 
  • Fuel management planning: When you are experiencing power shutdown during severe weather, you should know how long the present fuel will permit you to run the business. Refueling and determining how to get the fuel at the time of extended outage is very important. Check whether your power generator is properly installed and is in a condition to function in the flooded environment. Make alternate plans if fuel delivery truck cannot reach your area or if natural gas connections are down. These are some of the examples of situations where you have to be completely prepared. 


In the present scenario, we are highly dependent on power and electricity.  Power Failure does not happen all the time but when it happens it is our duty to remain prepared and tackle the situation. Extended blackouts are major reason for loss to both business owners and customers. As it is hard to predict power failures or always cause as a result of an in-house malfunction, it is necessary for the business managers to be prepared in advance. They should know how to offer a stable electricity supply and permit operations to function in the conditions of complete power failure. 

Do not be one among the many who curse cruel fate and bad luck for mistakes that could have been avoided before happening. Also, you have to ensure that power backup systems and uninterruptible power supply are in excellent condition to run the business no matter what occurs around you. Your business is your main livelihood. It is above your legacy. It represents the ethics that you have developed with your effort and hard work. As a business owner, you need to take steps to safeguard it. 

If you are not sure what kind of generator is suitable for your business or what backup power system model to select, ensure to contact the leading backup and generator dealers in your city. One of their experienced and knowledgeable representatives will determine your situation and take you through the installation procedure. You can also keep in touch with them for monthly or periodical maintenance and checkups.