Why Should You Buy Unfinished Hardwood Flooring?

Flooring has become the most popular choice of your homes because of its durability, versatility, and beauty. If you are thinking about the hardwood floors that are installed in your houses, you will discover the two simple alternatives the finished and the unfinished. While the finished hardwood flooring is much more common, there are few cases wherein the unfinished hardwood floors are more desirable.


This is one of the biggest advantages of the unfinished hardwood floors over the finished styles is that the unfinished wood offers many attractive ways wherein one can customize the floors. Working with the unfinished hardwood flooring for sale is just like working with the piece of raw wood and like having a clean slate wherein you can do anything which you are willing to do.

If you are going for a particular style or look in your house, the unfinished wood makes it easy to get the exact appearance which you are looking for. Whenever you select the unfinished floors, you are able to customize them with colors and the stains that perfectly suit your interior décor. Most often these colors are not available in the finished products and hence you get to enjoy some unique look whenever you go for the unfinished hardwood floors and finish them by yourself.

If you are looking for one particular look for your floor, then you can ask the installer about the borders, inlays and the other custom features that are very simple and are not possible with the flooring which is finished at the factory. Since the unfinished hardwood floors are the sanded ones of the site, it is also possible for customizing the floors with various edge profiles.

The unfinished flooring also comes with a wide variety of wood pieces. It is most ideal when you are installing the new floors in your dining room and either looking for something exotic or want to match it with the existing floors in your room.

Installation Flexibility

The unfinished hardwood floor offers outstanding flexibility during the process of installation. One can install the floors whenever you want or else wait until and unless everything in the house is finished before the installation of the floors. In addition to that, if you are trying to make new floors match the current flooring or the other features in your home then selecting the on-site hardwood finishing makes it much more in order to get the coordination.

The unfinished hardwood flooring for sale has another advantage if keeping the floors clean is the topmost priority. Since the traditional hardwood flooring is finished at a factory, the installers do not apply the sealing agent to the seams when they put in the floor.

The Color Options Are Endless

With the unfinished hardwood, one can change the look of the floor by applying the stain finish before sealing the wood. It gives you the opportunity of using colors those ones cannot find in the finished wood products and the color options are almost endless.  Whenever the finished wood is obtained from the manufacturer, the finish and the stain is already applied hence one cannot change its color if it is not the one you are expecting.

If you are looking for hardwood flooring for your home and are not sure about the finished and unfinished styles, then this article would surely help you in making a perfect decision.