Why Should You Consider Renting a Self-storage Space


Online businesses are growing in popularity as more and more individuals find them flexible and convenient. Ecommerce offers an easy-to-run business model and has enormous profit potential. However, the major problem when it comes to running an online business is storage. The chances are that if you have an online business, you are running it from home. You still need to store your products somewhere, and as much as you can use your loft or garage for this, it is never convenient. This is where self storage & storage solutions Melbourne come in. For convenience and practicality, you should rent a storage space. You probably feel that this is an expense that you would rather avoid, but that is not because you are overlooking the numerous benefits that come with this investment. Let’s have a look at some of the top benefits of using self-storage for your online business.

It helps you save money

Renting a storage option is much cheaper than going for something, such as a mortar premise. The best part about self-storage is that you do not have to pay taxes like VAT council tax or business rates. Also, the rent rates are much reasonable, and you get to spend a one-time, flat price to take you through the agreed period. It is much cheaper than renting a shop and makes it easier for you to predict your outgoings. It is the most cost-effective option for seasonal businesses or if you only intend to use the space for a short period.

Free up your space

The main reason for renting a self-storage space is so you can create enough space to store your stock. As earlier mentioned, running an eCommerce means that you have to store your inventory in unsuitable places like the garage, loft, or even in our bedroom. This takes away the space you would have used for other items around the house. With a self-storage unit, you will have as much space as you want and it will be available when and where you need it. Even better; some costs such as delivery fee are included in the rent fee. You can, therefore, have deliveries sent to the storage unit rather than to your home.

If you feel that you need more space for your seasonal stock, which could be ones in a year, you can rent a unit that allows you to do precisely that.

Maximize your security

Storing your stock at home will not guarantee safety. There is hardly a safer place you can store your business stock than in a self-storage space. Here you will have access to unlimited security as it is fully equipped with security facilities such as CCTV, clock security, and if you wish. What's more? Every unit has its security padlock so you can rest assured that everything is safe regardless of how far you are.

What else could you possibly ask for? It is time to turn your way of running your business around and watch just how much it can help you improve productivity. Invest in self storage & storage solutions Melbourne today and enjoy these benefits and more.