Why You Should Move On from Cable TV

 Why You Should Move On from Cable TV Watch Local TV Online


For the longest time, cable TV has been a primary source of entertainment for both homes and business premises alike. Homeowners, especially, have depended on their cable TV providers for their favorite movies, music, TV shows, and news broadcast, and other amazing programs that help them wind down at the end of a busy day, stay informed and get entertained. However, it so happens that cable TV is almost being overtaken by events, especially with the numerous advancements in technologies such as the internet these days. One of the strongest reasons most people are moving from cable TV is the monthly subscription fees involved, not to mention paying for numerous channels offering content that no one ever watches. Dealing with cable TV customer service is also a pain in the back for many consumers. As if that’s not enough frustration already, here are some more reasons why you should move on from cable TV.


An HDTV Antenna Can Be a Cheaper Solution

As earlier mentioned, the high costs associated with cable TV are the major deal-breaker. Provided your TV came with an HDTV antenna port, cutting the cord and installing a DTV or HDTV antenna can be a cheaper alternative. With an OTA antenna, as explained on this URL, you can even be able to stream free TV channels provided you have a home Wi-Fi connection. In addition to avoiding the high monthly cable bills, you can finally forget about cables and cable splitters. All you need is your antenna, your Wi-Fi router, and a set-top-box or external tuner and you’re good to go. While the cost and effort involved in procuring and installing these devices may seem a bit scary, no one will bill you for TV entertainment at the end of every month ever again, isn’t that fantastic?

Embrace The Power of The Internet Streaming

These days, online streaming is the way to go when it comes to TV entertainment. These are numerous streaming services out there that are way much cheaper than paying for cable TV. Some of the most popular ones include Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, just to name a few. The best thing is that all you need is a good internet package to watch your favorite TV series and movies from your TV or any internet-enabled device. If you don’t have a smart TV, you can also get one of the popular streaming devices such as Roku Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast or Apple TV and connect it with your digital TV for endless entertainment.


You Can Watch Local TV Online

Why You Should Move On from Cable TV Watch Local TV Online


We’re no longer in the 90s, are we? Today, most local TV broadcasts have streaming services and so as long you have internet, you can enjoy some local programs, news broadcasts, and live TV free online from your laptop, smartphone, desktop computer. It’s another huge reason to say goodbye to the cable.  

TV Commercials Can Hurt Your Business

If you have your business, the last thing you want is your customers watching your competitor’s TV commercials right at your business premises. In other words, you’re promoting their brand and you cannot do anything about it since you have no control over what airs on cable TV. Fortunately, these days, there are alternative services that provide an option to block ads from your competitors in the industry. But these options can sometimes be costly, so doing away with cable TV can be a better solution still.


Save Time and Money

Why You Should Move On from Cable TV Watch Local TV Online


Not only does cable TV cost you money on monthly bills, but it can also be a huge source of time wastage. Especially when provided with hundreds of channels to choose from, it can be overly tempting to stay glued to your TV scrolling to find something to watch, even when your favorite program is not airing.  By moving on from cable TV and adopting the previously mentioned alternatives, you have more control over what you watch and when you do so. In addition to saving some tens to hundreds of dollars, you can also save a huge chunk of time, which can be used productively elsewhere.


It is not our intention to demonize cable TV, but the good in ditching it speaks for itself. There’s no point in wasting your time and money on something that adds little value when there are dozens of better alternatives you can try. With the above-mentioned alternatives, you get better content, more control, and better entertainment for less money. At this point, you’ve hopefully cut the cord already!