Why You Should Sell Your Home in Summer

Sometimes, you can't control when you need to put your house on the market — such as if you need to move for a new job or other circumstances. But if you have a choice, the real estate experts at HomeLight agree, that the start of summer is the best time to get that “for sale” sign up and begin hunting for the right buyer. 


That’s because families who might be looking to move to your area need to get settled before school bells ring in August. Summer months also bring nice weather and an ideal time to explore homes and neighborhoods — with 80 percent of people who move in the U.S. doing so between April and September.


Said one top HomeLight real estate agent from Washington, in a report produced in 2019: “Families want to move before the new school year starts, companies relocate employees, and we have a much larger showing window as the days are light and buyers can see after they are home from work.”


Here are some key facts about selling a home during summer, according to data from HomeLight’s top agents, published in 2019:

  • You should list your house at the beginning (rather than the end of summer), said 71 percent of agents.

  • Selling a house in summer is 67 percent easier than selling a house in the fall. 

  • Summer home buyers are 47 percent more motivated than fall buyers.


However, selling your home in the summer is a double-edged sword. It means you have the time to relocate before a new school year for your own family and catch the wave of summer house hunters, but it also means the competition to find the right buyer will be higher — the same report found that competition is 57 percent higher in summer. So you’ll need to make sure that your home can outshine other listings on the market, but remember that there may also be more buyers to choose from. 


Some tips to keep in mind for selling during this peak season are:


Skip the summer open house: More potential buyers mean that open houses might be crowded and you could be better off scheduling appointments instead.


Don’t over book your summer schedule, to keep your house available to show: If you plan to host pool parties every weekend, it's going to be difficult to find time to show your home. Keep your schedule free so you can be ready to find that buyer.


Keep kids out of the house as much as possible: Summer means school is out and you'll need to keep your kids occupied. Keeping them busy outside of the house will equal a clean home that is show time ready.


With these tips in mind, selling your home in summer might just happen faster than you think, leaving you time to take a vacation of your own.