Why You Should Stay at Hotel Fouquets Barriere Paris

This luxury hotel in Paris doesn't disappoint

A ‘grand palace’ in the heart of Paris, Hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière – home to Avenue George V and the ever-famed Champs-Élysées district – is simply defined by a ‘dignified luxury;’ with sweeping panoramas of the city’s iconic Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, the boutique hotel is a testament to French heritage and fine living – a philosophy that earned the landmark Paris’ first fifth star. Let's take a trip inside one of the best luxury hotels in Paris, France. 

Hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière 


Designed by architect Edouard François, with interiors by Jacques Garcia, Hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière was established in the fall of 2006 – incorporating Le Fouquet’s restaurant, a Paris legend since 1899. Hosting 107 rooms and suites of ultra-luxe accommodations, the hotel seamlessly combines 21st century technology and contemporary flair, with an understated grandeur.

Extending both indoor and alfresco dining for guests, the hotel offers three restaurants and two bars – each offering a unique blend of menu flavors and drinks, celebrating French cuisine and culture; the wine lounge, garden tea room and Champs-Élysées terrace are without a doubt highlights for dining guests while in Paris.

Ecological Responsibility & Sustainability

Holding an astute respect for the earth and its natural resources, the hotel actively integrates balance and well-being with a number of groundbreaking ecological practices on every level. And according to Eric Boonstoppel, general manager of Hotel Fouquet’s Barrière, “Luxury means to always give [clientele] the choice and give them their free will. There is no question of guilt, but to offer them so discreet and subtle ecological alternatives. Too punitive an approach would not work.”Hotel Fouquets Barriere Lobby

Among its offerings and eco-friendly practices, guests have the option of utilizing the hotel’s limousine-hybrid – opting for a carbon offset, make the sorting in their room, access to a charging station for electric vehicles, and a choice of organic catering services along with environmentally friendly care at the spa. The palace is also a partner of NEOCAB, a Parisian company of hybrid autos, providing green mopeds and electric bicycles as well.

Hotel Fouquet’s Barrière has attained International Standards (ISO 14001) focused on environmental consciousness; including minimizing harmful effects on the environment caused by its activities, and in continual efforts aimed at improving its environmental performance and footprint. The hotel also holds status with ISO 9001 (for quality management) and SA 8000 (respect for human rights and child labor).

Furthermore, the hotel is L.E.C.S. (Luxury Eco Certification Standards) certified by Sustainable Travel International, an organization that promotes responsible travel. In monitoring social and environmental commitments made by the industry worldwide, some 100 criteria must be met to obtain the label.

‘U Spa’ Treatments & Therapies

Hotel Fouquets Barriere Guest Room

Always at the forefront of technology, Hotel Fouquet’s Barrière is now offering ‘Oxy Life’ treatments at its U Spa – an innovative system utilizing oxygen as an advanced de-aging treatment. ‘Oxy Life’ operates on the principle that oxygen is an essential element in the renewal of the skin’s cells; it reduces irritation, strengthens and firms the skin, and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

The way it works: the ‘Oxy Life’ system condenses and pressurizes oxygen from the surrounding environment and emits this to deep layers of the skin’s tissue (along with other anti-aging ingredients). The treatment is 100 percent natural and the results are immediately noticeable; the skin becomes luminous and more elastic, imperfections are diminished and mature skin gets a ‘lift.’

The ‘Oxy Life’ method can be used up to three times per week on the face and body, and the following treatments are available at the U Spa: ‘Oxy Life’ Facial (50 minutes); ‘Oxy Life’ Facial (80 minutes); ‘Oxy Life’ Body Treatment (50 minutes).

With a ‘Day Spa’ pass, guests can indulge in the U Spa’s other facilities post-treatment, including swimming and sauna, the aqua slimming trail, hammam and the fitness center as well.