Why You Should Use a Home Buying Company When Trying to Sell Your House Fast

If you are looking to sell your home fast, it can be a stressful time. For some it may be the case that they have to move to another city, maybe for a new job role or for others, they can no longer make their mortgage payments or maybe someone has seen the house of their dreams that they would like to make an offer on.


Selling your home can be a very involved process. You have to choose an appropriate agent and agree to pay that agent a commission if your house sells. You may have to make some home improvements and then you may have to go through a process of weeks or months of having to keep your house tidy for prospective viewers.


In order to avoid the stress, the time and the effort, some people turn to home buying companies when it comes to selling their home. Home buying companies will purchase your home from you and would normally make you a no obligation offer for your consideration.


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There are advantages to using a home buying company


  • You avoid having to pay an agent a fee to sell your home.

  • You do not need to prepare your home for a sale, you can avoid cleaning, painting, organizing and staging.

  • Your house can be ‘sold as seen’.

  • You do not need to wait around for viewers and you do not have to keep your home neat and tidy.

  • You do not have the stress of meeting the viewers and having the awkward conversations which go along with that.

  • You will not be involved in a chain of buyers. This can very much complicate your selling process as if one buyer pulls out, it can have an effect through the entire chain.

  • You are going to be guaranteed a sale. Even when your house is ‘sold’ in the open market, until all of the legal paperwork is completed, you do not have a guaranteed sale, the buyer can still pull out.

  • You can have a very speedy purchase, allowing you to move on very quickly.

  • It gives you another option compared with the traditional open market approach

  • If you have already relocated, it  makes circumstances so much easier for you, saving you journeys back and forward to the home that you wish to sell.

  • You would not usually have to pay any fees as they are handled by the property buying company


It may therefore be a good option to consider using a home buying company. Sellers often have an idea of the price that they would hope to achieve from their sale and therefore would be able to compare that with the quote from a property buying company. Home buying companies offer free and no obligation quotes which you can use as part of your decision making process


It will be up to the seller to decide whether to take their house to the open market or consider an offer from a home buying company and that will very much be dependent upon their circumstances.