Women’s Hats Etiquette: Fashion Dos And Don’ts When Wearing One

Once there was an era where a hat was considered to be an essential piece found in every woman’s closet. Nowadays, women still wear hats for practical reasons like for blocking the sunlight when going to the beach. However, there are certain basic rules to wearing hats. Every person is expected to follow these rules, except under special circumstances.


Here are some key points on hat etiquette depending on which hat you wear and when you should wear a hat:


Women’s Hat Etiquette Dos


1. Do wear fashionable hats on a regular day


Fashionable hats include stylish berets, boater hats, chupallas, fedoras, cowboy hats or velvet cloches. These hats fashion a simple everyday look that can vary in color, shape, or style. Fashionable hats can be worn indoors usually in someone’s home, in the mall, restaurant, or cultural events. However, for this kind of hat, it’s advisable to refrain from wearing them in workplaces or concerts where it covers the view of someone else. Similarly, it would be polite to opt not to wear your hat when you’re watching a movie in the theater.


2. Do wear functional hats when needed


Unlike dressy hats, functional hats are those usually used to provide protection from the sun or dust. Wear functional hats in the beach or at the park. Functional hats can range from the following: scala, scala hats, Scala Classico, Scala beachwear hats, and visors. Scala hats can be seen here. Depending on the weather and hat, you must abide by some hat etiquette. For example, if you’re in a large crowd, it would be appropriate to remove your large-brimmed sun hat to avoid bumping other people. On the other hand, when your winter hat is full of snow, it would be best to remove it as well.


3. Do wear Athletic hats and baseball caps in sporting events


If you want to sport baseball caps or athletic hats, you may wear them outdoors or at sporting events. It’s rude to wear baseball caps and athletic hats in schools, government offices, and libraries. For this reason, you must refrain from using these hats in those areas. You should also remove these kinds of hats when you go out for a meal, be in someone’s home, or at the office (except when it is part of your uniform). As respect, you must also remove your hat when the national anthem is being played at an event.


4. Do wear your hats proudly


If men have to remove their hats indoors, women’s dress hats need not be taken off when you’re indoors. With the role of the hat evolving into an essential accessory for your outfit, it has been accepted socially to have hats worn indoors for women. For hats that go with dinner dresses or suits, never remove them throughout the whole evening. However, if you have a hat worn strictly for warmth and not fashion, it must be removed when you’re indoors. These include knitted hats you wear during the winter.


5. Do make sure that your hat is secure


You wouldn’t want your hat flying away just when you’re attending a race meet or Royal Ascot. At the same time, you wouldn’t want to hold on to your hat all day long as well. Not only will you be inconvenienced, but the people around you will be too. As etiquette, make sure that you get the right fit, so you don’t make the people around you uncomfortable. Since the size of every person’s head is different from one another, having a hat made bespoke for you is recommended.


6. Do wear hats appropriate for your face shape


It’s also etiquette to make sure that whatever you wear goes well with your body shape or, in this case, your face shape. Here are some general advice on which kind of hats to wear for respective head shapes:


  • Petite – delicate hats tend to make you look taller

  • Girls with glasses – upturned brim style with layers of tulle

  • Round face – hat with a flower or small headpiece to elongate the face

  • Squared jaw – use large hats to soften the face

  • Long face – wear a beret


Women’s Hat Etiquette Don’ts


7. Don’t wear a hat at inappropriate events


At funerals, traditional church services, and sporting events, it’s usually appropriate to wear a dressy hat. Some churches even make it a mandate for women to wear hats. Weddings during the day and luncheons are also good avenues to wear a hat. Since hats are traditional, they aren’t required and is a matter of personal choice. However, wearing a hat to Royal Ascot and race meetings isn’t required. So, need not worry about forcing it.


8. Don’t wear pins on the left


For women’s hats, ornaments and pins should be worn on the right side of your hat. Decorations, accessories, and ornaments include bows, ribbons, flowers, feathers, pins, and such. This is different as opposed to men. For men, ornaments or decorations on their hat should be placed on the left side. Just a side note to remember this rule, repeat to yourself, “women are (always) right.” Hope that catchy phrase made you remember this hat etiquette.


9. Don’t wear fashion hats with cocktail dresses or evening gowns


Traditionally, fashion hats aren’t worn in dressed up events. For more formal events, there are hats prescribed. Instead of fashion hats, you should wear the following:


  • Cocktail hats

  • Fascinators

  • Veils

  • Fancy combs

  • Delicate scarves tied as turbans or headbands




In case you weren’t taught proper hat etiquettes, just follow this guide, and you will do just fine. Hats will add a classic look to your overall outfit, but bad etiquette will label you otherwise. Any woman of good nature should follow these basic hat etiquettes. Now that you know the rules, you can be proud and wear your hat.