World’s First THC Wine Born in California



If you've been to Torrey Holistics in Sorrento Valley recently, you may have noticed a display case of Sauvignon Blanc wine with a marijuana leaf painted across the label. This is the world’s first THC wine, and California’s own Rebel Coast Winery has created quite the buzz with it’s launch.



The concept stemmed from the Rebel Coast team’s love of weed and wine. After recreational marijuana was legalized by the state with Prop 64, the talented group of friends set out on a mission to create a Sauvignon Blanc that replaced alcohol content with 20mg of sativa-dominant THC. Growing cannabis and wine grapes together is a match made in heaven; growers can essentially throw cannabis seeds into a vineyard with trellises and irrigation and watch them grow. To make matters even more convenient, both plants harvest in the September - October months.



Legally, no state in the U.S. permits the mix of alcohol and THC in the same product, so Rebel Coast needed to get creative. They put on their mad scientist hats and began working toward a goal that no one had achieved before. After countless false starts, they figured out a technique to remove alcohol from the white wine and then infuse it with THC. The result was groundbreaking; a non-alcoholic wine that tastes like a crisp California Sauv Blanc, yet holds 5mg of THC per glass. The grapes are grown alongside premier wine-making grapes in Sonoma, California and deliver a crisp white wine with high acid and notes of bright citrus.



This is big news for both wine-lovers and cannabis-lovers. We've seen the trend of CBD cocktails and restaurant dishes popping up around San Diego, but this is the first time a THC-infused wine has been available. The Sauv Blanc mimics the giddy, intoxicating effects of a glass of wine without the next-day hangover. Even better news? It’s only 35 calories per glass.



For its entry into the San Diego marketplace, Rebel Coast turned to Torrey Holistics. The high-end dispensary was the first in the state of California to be licensed to sell recreational marijuana and could reach buyers with both their in-store Cannabis Consultants and through their online delivery.



Rebel Coast has opened the door for non-drinkers to enjoy a glass of wine without consuming alcohol. Are you looking for the perfect hostess gift the next time you’re invited to a dinner party? Check. Do you want to bring the most popular gift for the holiday gift exchange? Check. Each bottle is $39.95 (plus tax) and available to anyone over 21 years of age with a valid ID or over 18 years of age with a valid medical card.



Purchase your bottle of Rebel Coast wine at Torrey Holistics at 10671 Roselle St. #100, Sorrento or shop online and take advantage of their convenient delivery service at