Yoga and Its Surprising Effects on Beauty

Yoga and Beauty

Yoga and Beauty

Yoga studios are becoming as commonplace in cities as coffee shops. Yoga has hit mainstream, which involves media hype, magazines, television – all projecting a certain image of yoga.

Yoga has become another stereotype.  When people think of yoga, a certain concept usually comes to mind: Skinny people with perfectly toned bodies in tight black pants doing insanely difficult poses (and making them look easy) who drink green juice at breakfast instead of coffee, and who also happen to be compassionate vegetarian saints who shop at Whole Foods with a cart full of organic kale, bean sprouts, quinoa, and chia seeds. No cookies, no booze - they’re saints, remember? They are the people who make headstands look like a walk in the park. They are the ones who cry at the sight of pork chops.

But that’s just it. It is no more than an image and concept in people’s minds. Those who practice yoga would be the very first ones to tell you that yoga really can’t be pinned down and defined.  Yoga is living, breathing and evolving.  There are no rules, no exclusions, no conformity. You don’t have to look like anything in particular.  You don’t have to act a certain way.  You can practice yoga in silence or with Rihanna in the background. You can have kale smoothies today and Stella Artois tomorrow.  It’s really up to you.

Because more than the body-bending poses and green juices, yoga is about you, the practitioner, whoever you are. It is about awareness.  It is about conscious connection of mind and body, the connection between yourself and others. Yoga is about being authentic and honest, centered and grounded, on and off the mat.

Can yoga enhance your appearance? Yoga can’t magically transform you into a Jennifer Lopez or an Angelina Jolie but it can definitely help you look young and beautiful well into old age. Yoga improves blood circulation and helps remove toxins from your body, giving you a certain glow that comes from within and radiates outward.

It also aids in weight loss, increased flexibility, and better muscle tone. It makes you strong. We all know that a strong woman is so much more beautiful than a skinny one, right? But of course, this doesn’t happen over just a few days of doing yoga poses. It takes frequent and regular practice, plus a whole lot of discipline. No excesses of any kind.

The Magic of Yoga

A lot of people go into yoga hoping for chaturanga arms, a yoga booty and six-pack abs.  The physical benefits of yoga are so powerful, that many people mistake its effects as purely physical in nature. This isn’t true. There are so much more benefits that can be derived from practicing yoga than enhancing your physical strength and beauty. Sooner or later, these people practicing for the purpose of a kick-ass workout inevitably go deeper. Yoga does the work. Yoga does magic.

Yoga makes you beautiful – inside and out. That’s the magic of yoga. Any form of fitness regimen can bring about weight loss, glowing beautiful skin, toned muscles, and even that “yoga butt.” What makes yoga different from traditional exercises is its unique capacity to bring your attention to the mind, body, and breath simultaneously, bringing all aspects of yourself into one line of focus, and delivering surprising benefits to your mind and body that no other form of exercise can.  Yoga harmonizes your entire being, making it easier for you to live with more vibrancy, fuller attention, and a better feeling about yourself and the world.

Inner peace – We all want to escape sometimes to a place where we can be at peace, away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. The beach maybe? Unfortunately, we can’t go there every time we feel the need to just pack up and go. But peace is a state of being that can be cultivated within ourselves, and yoga can take us there. It is one of the best ways to calm a disturbed mind and bring ourselves to a place of peace.

Stress relief – Stress can wreak havoc on your skin, your hair, and in your general disposition. Practicing yoga for even just for five minutes can rid your body and mind of the stress that has accumulated during the day. When we enter the present moment by focusing on the way our body feels, the content of our mind, and the quality of our breath, we release stress. The more we do this, the more capable we become in handling our day-to-day existence.

Better relationships - Yoga helps you maintain a happy and positive state of mind, and it makes you a more attentive, more compassionate person.  When you’re relaxed, positive, and content, you are better able to be present for others and sensitive to your own behavior and how it affects those around you, inevitably improving your relationships with your family and friends. After all, nobody wants to be around a negatron.

Better intuition – By paying attention to your train of thought and how your body feels, practicing yoga enables you to better tune in with all parts of yourself, allowing you to know what to do in certain situations.

Greater awareness – Yoga helps you stay focused on the now.  Not the past, not the future, but now. It keeps you from getting worked up about past events which you really have no control over.  It keeps you from getting stressed about future events that are really just all in your mind. In the present moment, you can stay happy and focused.


Yoga reveals the luminous intelligence and the beauty that lies within us. Yoga is any method that allows us to wake up to who or what we really are and to what life is all about.

Awareness is the secret.  Awareness is the magic. Everything we do can become yoga if it’s done with awareness.  Now, isn’t that surprisingly beautiful?

Author Bio: M is a happily married Filipino mother to three wonderful little daughters, ages: 8 years, 5 years, and 4 months old. Her daily life is a struggle between being the Executive Content Director for Project Female and deciding who gets to watch television next. She specializes in creating and editing content for female empowerment, parenting, beauty, health/nutrition, and lifestyle. As the daughter of two very hardworking people, she was brought up with strict traditional Asian values and yet embraces modern trends like Facebook, vegan cupcakes, and the occasional singing cat video.

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