You Fell in Love Abroad... Now What?

You Fell in Love Abroad... Now What?

You Fell in Love Abroad... Now What?

During your last vacation overseas, you fully expected to return home to San Diego with dozens of photos of the gorgeous scenery and some amazing souvenirs for you and your friends. While you achieved these goals, your adventure also yielded a souvenir you were not prepared for — a new love.

Maybe you were sitting in a local café enjoying a delicious meal when he sat down at the table next to you, or perhaps you were trying to translate the story of a local landmark when she came along to help you. No matter how it happened, you feel like you have truly fallen in love with this wonderful person. The only problem of course, is that he or she lives thousands of miles away.

Fortunately, you do have options for your new romance —

Give the Long Distance Relationship a Try

While the Negative Nancys of the world may claim that long distance relationships never work, especially when there is a ton of land and a whole ocean separating you from your sweetie, it can definitely work. Thanks to a number of technological advances, it is much easier than ever before to stay well connected to someone overseas.

From social media and instant messaging to call dates on Skype and old-fashioned letters and cards via snail mail, you and your new love can certainly give the long distance option a good run.

Schedule Vacations in Each Other’s Countries

After falling hard for a guy or gal from another country, you probably found it hard to return to California. If you are finding that your long distance communication is going well, you may suggest that your new love make a journey to your home town, as well as plan a return trip to his or her city. This will give you both the important opportunity to see each other again and determine if your feelings are likely to last.

Move your Sweetheart to San Diego

Once some time has passed and the two of you are more in love than ever, it might be time for one of you to relocate. Of course, this is a huge move for one of you to make, and it is not something that should be done lightly or without some pre-planning.

Secure a job and a place to live, then help your love in getting a green card. Simple Citizen is great resource that is helpful in detailing the various green card terms that you should know. The site will also help advise you on the steps to take to get the green card and move to the U.S.

Or, You Can Move Overseas

Of course, another option is that you pack up your home and life and move to be with your new sweetheart in his or her home country. As A Bite of Culture notes, there can be ups and downs to this, including language barriers, cultural differences and other challenges, but in the end, being with the one that you love can make it all worth it.