You VOTED! San Diego's Best Interior Designers

Top San Diego Interior Designers

Photo by Ranch and Coast

As humans, we gravitate towards what's pleasing to the eye and its impact on our mental and physical state. For example, when one sees the ocean, they become almost immediately relaxed. This can also be true in other areas of life that you wouldn't normally expect, like your home. The feng shui (or energy) of your home should prompt feelings of relaxation, happiness, and stability. As you step onto your welcome mat, you want to avoid any sense of chaos, clutter, and anxiety. To prevent these instances hire an interior designer as your right hand. Lucky for you, we have the best designers right here, as voted by our very own readers!

Le Dimora

Our first interior god is the amazing Le Dimora. Their specialty stems from ascertaining the uniqueness of each individual home. After you hammer down the sold sign, Le Dimora will be by your side ready to help with the finishing touches. As they arrive for a consultation, your desires and ideas will be implemented alongside their professional opinions.

Le Dimora's showroom is like traveling around the world without leaving North County. They acquire furnishings from near and far, leaving you in awe. The owners, Cindy Cerenzie and Maria Barry, work together in managing the business side of the company and providing the personal touch it takes to make Le Dimora so special. Le Dimora is open by appointment.

Diane Abrahamson Design

The talented Diane Abrahamson Design caters towards growing families and expanding homes. Beginning as Sweet Cheeks Design, which focused on designing the perfect space for children, Abrahamson created unique themes to fit the personality of each child. Since then, Diane Abrahamson Design has evolved to include the perfect design for your entire home. 

While investing in a dream home can cost quite the pretty penny, Abrahamson guarantees that all of her clients get their money's worth by designing a plan that can be altered and easily changed over the years. Diane's design services entail: floor plans, spacial plans, kitchen and bathroom remodel, customized furnishing and built in cabinets, personal paint selections, window care, re-upholstery, lights, bedding, construction managing, and a supervised installation. 

Smith Brothers Construction

The Smith Brothers focus on architecture, interior, and construction, so their expertise is definitely not limited! Their goal is to foster a trustworthy relationship between their team and the home owner; after all, they will be redefining the customer's lifestyle. The Smith Brothers Construction helps you each step of the way in your home design process, from construction to decoration. They are also willing to comply with any outside professionals the client may desire. Smith Brothers Construction has been all over the sunshine states of California and Hawaii, bringing you the FINEst lifestyle of living.