Your Guide for Flower Arrangements for Beginners

Flowers play a huge part in many occasions, whether sad or happy. The art of creating flower arrangements may seem intimidating to many because of the choices as well as the organization required to create an amazing piece that will wow whoever sees it. If you break down the steps, as well as a couple of useful tips needed for flower arrangements, then you will learn that the process is not quite as hard as you thought it to be. With even more practice and more flower arrangements created, you are sure to see this particular activity as easy, enjoyable and not time-consuming at all!



If you are planning on starting a career as a professional florist then this guide can start you off. You can gain more experience and better understanding for flowers by taking floral design classes to ensure that you are fully qualified to be the best florist you can be.


If you are only looking to take on flower arrangement designing as a hobby or for only a couple of occasions, then this guideline will be your new best friend in floral designs.

Flower types

The first thing you need to know when trying to create a flower arrangement is the types of flowers available. Not only that, but you also need to be aware of what each flower signifies because no one wants to have funeral flowers at their happy get together. Knowing what flower types the person you are creating the arrangement for is great to eliminate these mishaps, but if they do not know what they want exactly, or if they want you to design it without them having to pick and choose then you need to have some knowledge concerning flower types.

Materials needed

As a beginner you might not really be aware of this, but to make a flower arrangement you need more than just flowers. Depending on what kind of arrangement you have in mind, you might need materials such as chicken wire, foam boards, cardboard, vases, bowls, twine and others. The materials needed will depend on other decisions you will need to take when making a floral arrangement including the colors, as well as the desired style. The material will also depend largely on the type of occasion the flower arrangement is needed for.

Color schemes

Color schemes play a large part in flower arrangement making. When creating a flower arrangement, there are usually one or two kinds of flowers acting as the focus of the designed piece while other, more basic and muted, colors act as the focus’s backdrop. It is important that the color scheme stays a cohesive unit that does not become erratic. If the colors chosen clash together, your flower arrangement will leave a lot to be desired which is not the goal here. You can find many sources, both online and in real life on what colors go together and complement each other. A couple of basic color schemes are: red, oranges and yellow go together while purples and blues which are cold colors go together.


Flower arrangements will differ according to the occasion you are making the arrangement for. The occasion affects everything ranging from the colors, the size, the style and even the materials you will require. For example, if the occasion is a wedding or engagement party, the arrangements would be different than if the arrangement was made to get well soon wishes or as an apology. An arrangement for Christmas would differ from an arrangement for a spring dinner party or a school dance flower arrangement.

Wrapping and styles

There are different floral designs out there to fit every single party, wedding, dinner, dance, and even funeral out there. Depending on the occasion you might want to wrap your flower arrangement in cellophane, present them in a vase, a bowl or table centerpiece, on a bracelet or in a basket. This will depend on the atmosphere you want the celebration or occasion to have. If you want to go with a more elegant look than having white vases to display the arrangements in will provide you with the desired look. If you want to have a more rustic feel to your party, then the flowers could be displayed in little wicker baskets to add to that desired theme. For Christmas, you could create flower arrangements in the shapes of wreaths to hang up on walls or doors.


Seasonal changes

The flower arrangements you create will also depend on what season you are currently in. A lot of flowers bloom during spring, which is great because during that time you will have a wide variety of flowers to work with and they will not be as expensive because it will be during their season. If you need to create a flower arrangement during the winter, you can either buy flowers that were grown in greenhouses which are sure to be more expensive than seasonal flowers, but you can also start searching for flowers that are in season and using them to get the flower arrangement you want without incurring huge costs. You might even love the look of the seasonal flowers more if you try to use them in your flower arrangements so approach the designing with an open mind.

Flower maintenance

If you are going to create a few simple arrangements then maintaining their freshness is going to be quite easy. You can even create the arrangements on the same day as the occasion so that they look as great as you want them to be. If your arrangements are going to be largest in size or more in quantity than you can maintain their freshness by keeping them cooled in a fridge or if possible have the flower stems soaking in some sugar water. This will make the flowers stay as fresh and not wilt on you before the occasion.

Simple but show stopping



At the end of the day, as a beginner, you do not need to start your flower arranging journey with something overly complicated. You can create a floral design that is quite simple and easy yet still as elegant as you want it to be. It’s a guarantee that you do not have to have elaborately made flower arrangements to impress people as long as the arrangements are beautifully put together and are not clashing then you will do great.