Your Partner in New Beginnings: 6 Questions to Ask Your Movers Before Hiring Them


Moving is never an easy feat, whether it’s just across town or moving across the country. But it helps a lot to hire movers to take some of the stress off of you (and the friends you would undoubtedly call on to help you). If you’re considering hiring a moving company to handle your possessions and get you on your way to a new beginning, there are a few questions that you should ask before hiring them.

1. Do you have proper licensing?

Proper licensing is a must. Unfortunately, there are people who pose as legitimate movers and take off with people’s belongings. So, look for a mover like Matco Edmonton, who is part of the Canadian Association of Movers, to ensure a safe and legal move.

2. What is the deposit and cancellation policy?

Reputable movers don’t usually require total payment before the delivery of your property. About 20% of the total moving costs is typical, and you want it to be refundable if you should need to cancel. Also inquire about what happens if you need to change the moving date.

3. Do you have the necessary equipment?

If your movers don’t have the necessary equipment to move your grand piano or your oversized armoire then they might not be the movers for you. Attempting to move certain items without the right equipment may result in the loss or damage of property.

4. How do you handle items?

You want to know that the movers are going to treat your property well and respectfully. Ask about the types of boxes and packaging material they use. You also need to ask about their labeling conventions, what items are shrink-wrapped and if blanket service is provided. If you have any objections to the way items are handled, you can make other arrangements or go with another company.

5. What happens if something is missing or broken?

Even if you were moving your own belongings, irreplaceable or run of the mill bric a brac, there is the risk of breaking or damaging something. That’s why you need to ask about their liability coverage concerning broken, damaged or missing items. Many moving companies offer insurance that is usually calculated by weight. Remember, you can purchase additional insurance or check with your home or renters insurance policy.

6. Are there any additional fees?

Just about any reputable moving company will come to your current home to assess your move in order to give you a fair estimate for their services. But what some moving companies won’t tell you is that there are additional fees for things like awkward shaped pieces, elevator use and accessibility. Your final cost may also include things like fuel surcharges, storage fees if your new residence isn’t ready upon arrival and fees for transferring your property to another truck during long distance moves.


Hiring a moving company can take a lot of the stress out of moving. It can also save you valuable time and make your transition a lot smoother. Don’t be afraid to ask a potential moving company about the legitimacy of their business and check them out. Make sure that they can do the job and get all of your things where they need to be when they need to be there. Choosing the right moving company might just take the dread out of moving.