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In the wake of COVID-19, brides and grooms across the country are making difficult decisions about whether to postpone or scale back their wedding plans. This can leave newly engaged couples feeling a bit of trepidation about starting their own wedding planning. But with months or even years to go, starting with a few small steps now will not only make things easier later on but also help you get excited and energized to start the process.

One great first step is to launch your wedding website. Wedding websites are not only fun for guests and the happy couple — they're also great tools to help make wedding planning easier and give your guests the important information they need.

If you're ready to launch your own wedding website, check out these essential tips first.

1. Give Guests the Option to RSVP

Your wedding website will serve a lot of roles leading up to the big day. For instance, you'll use it to update guests on pre-wedding events, showcase your engagement photos, and perhaps share your wedding hashtag. But while it's important to use your website to update your guests, don't forget to ensure it can do the same in reverse. Give your guests the option to RSVP online through your site. You can even take it one step further and allow them to RSVP to other events, like your bridal shower.

2. Stick to Your Theme

With Minted.com making it so easy to build a gorgeous wedding website, any theme you choose will look incredible. But if you want your website to really shine, choose the theme that fits your wedding style, and then stick to it.

Your wedding website should reflect your wedding-day style. Even if you're launching your website before your big day is fully planned, you can choose a modern theme for your black-tie event, a rustic backdrop for your barn reception, or a natural feel for your outdoor nuptials.

Once you've chosen your wedding website theme, you can mirror it in your choice of everything from save-the-dates and invitations to menus for your table settings. Your guests will recognize the patterns and themes, giving your day another touch of polished detail.

3. Make Sure Your Copy and Style Align

Traditional wedding invitations aren't just elegant; the language they use is formal, too. The same idea goes for your wedding website. While you can certainly stray from elegant and proper (unless, of course, that's your wedding style!), the copy you use on your website should reflect the style of the rest of your site, which, in turn, should reflect your wedding style. So, if your dream wedding is a laid-back, casual affair, your website copy should reflect that as well.

4. Invite Your Guests into Your Story

Unless you send out a save-the-date first, your wedding website might just be your guests' first preview of your big day. Even though they may be your closest friends and family, invite them into your big day by sharing your love story, featuring your engagement photos, or telling them a little about yourselves.

Your wedding is both the final chapter of your dating/engagement love story and the beginning of a journey together. Use your website to tell both stories and bring your guests into the story that they'll soon be watching in-person as you exchange your vows.

Creating the Perfect Wedding Website

Your wedding website is the first introduction to your big day, a tool for sending in RSVPs or checking the time of pre-wedding events, and a wonderful way to share engagement photos and announcements with your guests. And with these simple design tips, you can create a chic, easy-to-use website that you'll love to show off and your guests will enjoy navigating.


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