6 Ways To Disinfect An Apartment During COVID-19 On Your Own

Now, during self-isolation and rampant coronavirus, the topic of cleanliness and safety in the house is becoming crucial to discuss. This is especially true for families with small children and the elderly.

First Disinfect Yourself

Before disinfecting the house, you need to disinfect yourself and your whole family. Every time you or any other house members go outside, keep a bottle of sanitizer with you.

Most of the sanitizers contain 60% alcohol. While it is right for disinfecting the skin's surface, alcohol is beneficial, but drinking it can only expedite the process if a person catches the virus. Therefore, if anyone around you drinks alcohol, especially when they possess the symptoms of COVID-19, you need to treat them.

The most convenient option is calling the alcohol abuse hotline as they can guide you on how to deal with symptoms on call without leaving the premises of your house. It can also provide detailed instructions on what necessary measures you should take for the safety of the infected alcoholic person. 

Apartment Processing Methods

1- Using Chemicals 

Using chemicals will help get rid of harmful bacteria and make the air you breathe pleasantly. The product can be purchased from any store. It is better to pay attention to those that contain chloramine. 

2- The Use Of Folk Remedies

To clean the room, you can use hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, or ammonia. By adding them to the water for surface treatment, you can disinfect the apartment yourself.

3- Using Essential Oils 

They will reliably protect the premises and the people living in it from viruses and bacteria. It is better to stop the choice of oils of fir, pine, lemon, as they have an antiseptic effect. 

4- Using An Ultraviolet Lamp

 This equipment is most often used in medical institutions. The cost of the lamp is low, but the effect is good. Also, the use of a UV lamp will not cause an allergic reaction. But for disinfection, you will need to vacate the room. The minimum lamp life is at least 15 minutes, and then it is required to ventilate the room.

If ​​the treated premises area is not more than ten sq. meters, you can opt for a salt lamp. Its use will saturate the air with healthy elements and clean the room from pathogenic bacteria. 

5- Air Disinfection Through Recirculation 

Recirculaor passes contaminated air through itself, cleans it with ultraviolet rays, and releases it back. The device can be used even if there are people in the room. Its use is safe for humans and animals.

6- Use A Humidifier

It will increase the humidity in the room, as well as cleanse it of disease-causing agents. For better cleaning, you need to change the water inside the humidifier regularly. It is beneficial for families with small children.

Regardless of which product you choose, please note that almost all of them can cause an allergic reaction. Proceed with caution. 

Tips to Disinfect the Apartment on Your Own

The question of how to disinfect an apartment on your own. Especially relevant in the context of the spread of the dangerous disease COVID-19. Following simple tips and using conventional means will help kill the virus and prevent it from spreading throughout the room.

1- Wear Disposable Gloves

Wearing disposable gloves is essential when disinfecting your apartment. Gloves will keep your hands protected from direct contact with harsh chemical cleaners that may irritate the skin and germs that may cause illnesses. Ideally, you should use disposable gloves if you’re dealing with high-touch surfaces. This way, you don’t store potentially contaminated items inside your home. 

2- Use Disposable Hand Towels 

When treating coronavirus at home, it is best to use disposable hand towels or gloves. It is better to refuse reusable fabric products. 

3- Clean The Dirt First, Then Disinfect

It is better to start disinfection in the house by cleaning things, surfaces, removing dirt, and then treat everything with a disinfectant. It is better to use substances in which alcohol composition is at least 60-70% to destroy bacteria effectively.

4- Diluted Bleach

The most popular and reliable remedy used in the fight against the COVID-19 is regular household bleach. To better process the room, you will need to dilute 300 ml of the product in 10 liters of water and treat all surfaces.

5- Use Vinegar Spray

To process a room with a vinegar spray, you need to dilute 100 grams of 9% vinegar in a bottle of water (1-1.5 liters). Then use a spray bottle to process the room. The same solution can be used to treat surfaces of furniture from viruses and bacteria.

6- Use Alcohol 

The use of 70% alcohol gives a good result since when alcohol comes into contact with the virus envelope, the latter is destroyed. The treatment of the room is carried out by spraying liquid onto the contact surfaces.

Rules For Disinfectants

If you need to treat the house from pathogenic bacteria and viruses, it is essential to know which means are best to use and how to disinfect the apartment properly. In order not to harm yourself and your household, you should adhere to these rules:

· Hands and eyes must be protected. Therefore the presence of gloves and glasses is a prerequisite when processing an apartment. They will help protect the skin and mucous membranes from damage.

· The upper respiratory tract must be protected from inhaled vapors, so a respirator or mask can be used.

· Children and animals at the time of disinfection should not be in the house.

· It is better to start processing from the living rooms, and then move to the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet.

· Water needs to be changed as it gets dirty.

· Do not forget about the disinfection of upholstered furniture, curtains, and bedsheets.

· After processing, be sure to ventilate the room.

For the surfaces of electronics, mobile phones, tablets, remote control, etc., cover them with wipeable covers and disinfect them daily.

Summing Up

The correct approach is to wear disposable gloves and protect your eyes and skin while disinfecting the apartment. By disinfecting the condo, you will maintain cleanliness and protect your family from deadly infections.

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