Canvas vs. Metal Prints: Your Shortest Guide

Do you have a great personal image that needs to be placed somewhere presentable in your home? Well, you can use an eye-striking metal print or artistic canvas print to create an appealing wall art composition.

Whether you use metal or canvas prints, the result will add to your room a touch of class and elegance. However, depending on your home interior's chosen picture and aesthetics, one of these print types may work better than the other.

Here, you will get a proper insight into canvas and metal prints, including their similarities and differences. Follow this short guide to know more!

A close-up of a canvas print – the fabric texture softens the image, but the print resolution remains impeccable.

Similarities Between Canvas and Metal Prints

There are quite a lot of similarities that you can find between canvas and metal prints. Some of them are discussed below.

Both canvas and metal prints are printed professionally with high-quality materials. These are custom prints, which means choosing any picture from photo banks or your archives and having it published. These print types need no outer frame for decoration, although you can frame some formats of canvas prints if you wish so.

A close-up of a metal print – note the slim lines and vibrant colors

Differences Between Canvas and Metal Prints

Metal prints are more resistant, thin, sheeny, sleek, and frameless. Canvas prints are textured, soft, matte, stretched over the interior frame, and have a couple of natural vulnerabilities – since canvas prints are printed on a piece of fabric, they aren't 100% tear-proof and scratch-resistant.

Another noticeable difference is the print surface. Canvas prints come with an elegant matte finish. The slightly textured fabric surface adds to the photo reproduction an artistic feel – and you can enhance this feel even more if you display several canvases in your room and lean them against the wall as if your room were an artist's studio.

Metal prints are all about glamour, vibrant ultra-deep colors, and sharp contrasts. Unlike matte canvas prints, they are shiny and sleek and bring out every detail of the picture. If your home is decorated in a minimalist or industrial style, you won't find better wall art than metal prints.

A metal print in the interior – its thin sides make it look lightweight despite the imposing dimensions.

Canvas vs. Metal Prints: What to Choose

If you want to give your room a quirky look and artistic ambiance, choose canvas prints. This printing medium is perfect for creating a soft, calm, and soothing feel – ideal for romantic bedrooms, informal living rooms, and even long corridors.

But if you're aiming for a bold modern look, metal prints should be your first choice. These prints work exceptionally well with contemporary photography – so if you have some drone photos or shots with unusual compositions and deep colors, metal prints will do them full justice.

Can you display canvas prints and metal prints at the same home? Well, why not? It's not always good to mix contrasting canvas and metal prints in the same space, but there is no reason they couldn't be used in different rooms. Just choose wall art that matches the general decor scheme of the room and spruce up your interior like a pro!

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