Whether you are a makeup expert or you have been playing and experimenting recently with makeup, you will find that there are some must-have products that everyone who is into makeup needs. Some of these essentials might surprise you with the fact that you should have given them a try way earlier. There are a lot of products that you don’t know how much you need in your daily makeup routine until you try them out and see the magical changes that they do for your makeup. Playing with makeup, even if you only have a certain go-to look, is fun. It's always fun to try out new looks and practice your blending skills. You can always start playing around with some new beauty products to spice up your usual looks. 

A Heated Eyelash Curler 

Some people have beautiful full eyelashes without paying attention to them or making too much effort. Other less fortunate people need to put in the work for them and step up their eyelashes game to achieve their dream look. Having healthy-looking eyelashes without any beauty product is a lot of work. Yet, you need to focus on caring for your eyelashes as well as you are focusing on beautifying them with makeup. Some people have lazy lashes that require a lot of work. These eyelashes need a more advanced eyelash curler to work its magic on making them look more curly and even prettier. Finding the perfect heated eyelash curler for your needs might require some time and effort to be put in researching. Buying any unknown brand without making sure that they are legit might do more harm than good. That’s why, especially for eye products, it’s important to pay extra attention to the products you are putting your money to avoid hurting your eyes or ruining your eyelashes. 

Makeup Sponge 

Even though these sponges have been trending for a while now, many people are still reluctant about changing their usual methods of application. Brushes have their advantages and disadvantages, yet makeup sponges are worth the try to make sure that you will be able to make the judgment between both. Your decision shouldn't be based on the pros and cons of every method of application, but instead on finding the right method for the look you are trying to achieve. Makeup sponges, when they are used for foundation, tend to help in applying for a lighter and more sheer foundation coverage. They help in blending the product effortlessly into the skin to achieve a more natural air-brushed look. Brushes, on the other hand, tend to give medium to full coverage depending on the type of your foundation, if you are after more glamour. 

Facial Cleanser Brush 

We all know by now that we should never go to bed with makeup on. If you feel lazy about removing your makeup, imagine the amount of anti-aging products that you will have to apply in the future if you kept this bad habit. Other people know the importance of removing their makeup before going to bed, yet they are unaware that their method of removing their makeup isn't effective enough. It's not logical to think that using a face wash or makeup remover wipes will be enough to remove all the water-proof makeup and clean out the residue. That’s when facial cleanser brushes became essential for everyone who applies makeup regularly. These brushes can clean the face well enough to ensure that your makeup has been taken off completely. They are considered to be more sanitary if they are cleaned and stored in the right ways. These facts mean that using these brushes will reduce the tendencies to break out compared to people who only use their hands. 

Plumping Lipstick 

There are many out there who might feel self-conscious about how their lips look. Ever since Kylie Jenner has set her most notable trend through her perky lips, people have started obsessing over the size and the shape of their lips. Some people spend every day an hour or two in front of their mirrors contouring their lips and making sure that their lipliner and lipstick are applied in a way that will give them fuller-looking lips. That’s when a plumping lipstick comes in to offer a solution that will save the day. These kinds of lipsticks are easily applied to give you big-looking lips without any extra effort. In the past, this type of plumping effect was only found with lip plumping glosses that come with their boring transparent color. Nowadays, you can find endless options that offer the same effect with brighter and more vibrant colors. 

Makeup Primer and Setting Spray 

You might still be skeptical about primers and their actual effects on the skin, and the makeup look. However, professional makeup artists have shared their opinion on this matter and confirmed that a good primer can make or break your makeup look and also helps in making it last longer. Some makeup experts have confirmed that using a makeup primer before the eyeshadows is essential. Not only will it help in creating a flawless look with vibrant matte colors, but it will also help with making your makeup stick to the primer and last longer. Setting sprays, on the other hand, works as an extra layer of protection for your makeup against the weather and the sweat. If you want to avoid smudging, flaking, and budging, then you need a good setting spray that will save your makeup look all day long. If you are still not sure if it’s a hype or the real deal, then you need to try wearing your makeup with and without a setting spray and compare the difference in prolonging the life of your makeup application.

Makeup is fun and exciting when you play around with it and try on different looks and blending techniques. If you hear about a new product that might make your life easier, but you have doubts about its effects, then you need to give it a try yourself to determine whether you like it or not. You never know; maybe you’ll actually end up needing that product. 

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