Backyard weddings are some of the most beautiful ceremonies. Your home is an intimate space where close family members and friends can gather to celebrate your special day. The natural elements found in San Diego neighborhoods and the beautiful weather create the perfect environment for spreading love. There’s also the added fact that it can save you a lot of money on venue costs. 


If you’re going to throw the perfect backyard wedding in your San Diego home, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind:


Decide on a Theme

The wedding theme is what ties everything from the decorations to the menu options together. So, start by choosing a theme for your big day. There are many to choose from, however, rustic weddings give off a country southern vibe which makes the most breathtaking backyard wedding themes. 


Choose the Decor

Now that you have a theme in mind, what kinds of decor do you want for your wedding and reception? The decor should tie into the theme and set the mood. For instance, if you’re going with a rustic wedding theme, opting for natural elements like wood and country components like mason jars and garden roses is ideal. Choosing softer colors like light blue, pink, or mint green are also recommended. 



Depending on the time of day you plan on having your backyard wedding and reception you’ll need plenty of lights to brighten up the night skies. For a bit of romance and intimacy, opt for string or holiday lights to hang up. You can also invest in landscape lighting and candles to add to the mood of the day. 



You can’t very well have a wedding reception without serving your guests some delicious foods. You can keep with the southern vibe and serve things like fried chicken, mac n cheese, a green veggie, and fresh biscuits. For drinks, sweet tea or even long Island iced teas are a great pair. As for dessert, you can look for a company that does dessert catering and get an array of sweet treats including your wedding cake. As you’re planning the menu, don’t forget to consider dietary, religious, and personal choice matters when it comes to options. If you have some vegans, Jews, or diabetics attending your wedding, for example, you’d want to have meatless, kosher, and sugar-free options.



Chances are you don’t have hundreds of tables and chairs sitting around your house ready for use. So, to ensure you have enough seats for your guests it is recommended that you rent them. You can rent chairs in just about any color along with rectangle or circle tables for the event. You’ll also need to rent at least one tent or canopy to provide coverage for your guests, the food, and the dance floor. Speaking of which, you can also have a dance floor rented for the day. Be sure to consult with a rental company in advance to ensure your items will show up prior to your wedding date. 



A reception isn’t complete without some fun entertainment. Decide whether you want to hire a DJ, a live band, or simply download your favorite songs and use wireless speakers for louder sound. 


Parking and Neighbors

Your guests will need a place to park. Be sure to find out if you’ll need permits for the big day so no one gets ticketed or fined. You should also be considerate and let your neighbors know that you’re getting hitched so that they’re aware of why there are so many people and so much noise going on.  If you have room and the funds, you may even want to invite your closest neighbors to the wedding.


Backyard weddings in San Diego really are enchanting. If you and your soon to be spouse are thinking of hosting such an intimate and special event, keep these tips in mind to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.   

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