Based on the most recent market survey on customer needs, it was reported that personal services are at the top of the list, even more than other products. It would seem that people are now more willing to pay for services that they used to do themselves. This could be explained by the many activities that people are now engaged in, from work, family life, social life, community work and other interests that people are left with very little time for themselves. Thus, personal services that aid in the well-being of the individual is much more preferred. This has risen also to many business establishments that provide personal services like health spas, fitness gyms, salons, hairstyling, massage spas and many more. One of the most sought after personal service is that of nail spas. Most of us can get by with the usual nail cutter and probably a nail buff, but for most having their nails done is a way of caring for their nails and hand and feet and a way of pampering oneself. As such, nail salons are becoming very popular but what separates the best nail spas from the ordinary ones is the quality of their pedicure chairs.

Pedicure Chairs - The Rising Trend

            Maybe one of the most recent invention and one that you never thought could be a hallmark of excellent nail services is the pedicure chair. Pedicure chairs are the gold standard in which pedicures, manicures and foot, and hand spa treatments are done. It is a luxurious and comfortable chair with all the necessary implements needed to carry out the nail treatment that you want. It has a high back that is padded and outfitted with dark shiny leather or the softest leather for that added pampering in style. Then it has arm and leg rests to allow you to be in a comfortable position as you are getting your nails done. It is also designed to accommodate foot soaks, hand soaks and even arm and back massage for some designs. For the more advanced and premium designs, may include shiatsu massager, jet stream for the foot tub, adjustable footrests, swivels, and reclining ones. Having the best pedicure chair in the market will be an added attraction to your business.

Pedicure Chair Suppliers

            The best pedicure chairs can only be made and marketed by one of the best companies that supply pedicure chairs to resorts, hotels, cruise ships, and spas. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality pedicure chairs complete with the most advanced technology and features such as shiatsu massage mechanism, softest cushions, firm and ergonomically designed back rests, jet streaming features for that Jacuzzi feel and ultimate pampering experience. The company can also incorporate any detailing or logo that you might want to be included in the chair to improve branding and customer loyalty. The company will also deliver and install the pedicure chairs and provide technical assistant for any problems that might be encountered in the future.

More Than Just A Pedicure Chair

            If you have a nail care business, chances are you have been providing services with a set of makeshift pedicure chairs or that bench table most salons have for their manicures. Whether we like it or not, a large part of the impact of the services you provide for customers includes the overall experience. Customers like to be treated like royalty, and though they are willing to pay for it, they expect to get the best quality service. By investing in a pedicure chair, you will be able to provide that experience that customers want. They would happily go back to your nail salon to have their nails done just because of that awesome pedicure chair. You can also build a competitive advantage through this chair, if your competitors have not yet gotten a pedicure chair, your salon would draw more attention and customers. Even in the most exclusive hotels and cruise ships, the quality of the pedicure chair is used as an indicator of how excellent the service is in that salon. So if you invest in two or more pedicure chairs, word will surely get around and you will have customers lining at your door. You can even recover the costs of the pricier pedicure chairs from adding a percentage to the prices of your nail services since the chair is part of the experience.

The Best After-Care

            By investing in the highest quality pedicure chair, you can also take advantage of the excellent after-care services of the manufacturer of the chair. They provide technicians to fix any problem with the chair with just a call. They have certified technicians who are skilled and well trained and can quickly fix the pedicure chair so that you won’t lose money or customers at all. The company also supplies parts and other fixtures so that if a chair may need replacement parts, it can easily be sourced and then replaced in the chair. The parts are in the same quality as the original chair and will seamlessly blend with the pedicure chair so you need not worry whether it fits or is the same color as the original one. Lastly, the company also provides accessories that go with the pedicure chair such as nail dryers, heaters, and sanitizers and massage stone heater. You can enrich the nail care experience with all of those accessories and small appliances. Getting your pedicure chair from this company is a one-stop-shop for all the things you may need.

Pedicure Chair Furniture

            With that beautiful and eye-catching pedicure chair, it is also important that you get furniture that would complement or pair with the pedicure chair. Thus, the company also offers a number of furniture that matches the pedicure chair such as technician stools and a glass top nail table. Technician stools are necessary as it is used by the nail salon staff to get about the services that they provide. The glass top nail table is a must for nail art and for applying nail polish as it has a stable base. So why invest in just a pedicure chair when you can get the whole set and have a well-coordinated and matching nail salon furniture.


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