Heather Winfield standing asking Why You Should Start Christmas Prepping ASAP

Christmas may be the most magical time of the year but it can also quickly become time-consuming and stressful, particularly if you’re the person who is responsible for most of the festive organization in your family. Here are some great reasons to start prepping earlier for Christmas.

Delivery Delays

Delivery delays are the stuff of nightmares for Christmas shoppers! The later you leave it to order your Christmas presents, decorations and food, the greater the chance something won’t arrive in time, leading to stress and anxiety and often a last-minute panicked dash around the shops. By prepping early, you won’t need to worry about all the planned postal strikes, missing parcels and potential delivery delays and can rest easy knowing that you won’t be a present, a tree or a turkey short!

No Forgotten Gifts

If you start your Christmas shopping early, there’s less chance you’ll miss someone off your list or forget to buy for someone in the rush. This means you won’t be faced with the embarrassment of gift-swapping with friends and family, only to realize you never actually got around to buying them anything.

Make the Most of Sales and Discounts

Starting early means you can use special offers and make the most of any sales and discounts. Some people take this to the extreme, starting their Christmas shopping in the January sales but if you’re not in the mood for festive bargain-hunting in January, you can still make the most of sales during the year and put things away for Christmas. A great example of this is when winter clothing and accessories are drastically reduced in the spring to make way for the spring-summer collections, allowing you to grab a bargain gift well in advance.

More Time to Try New Things

By prepping early for Christmas, you’ll have more time to try new things, rather than falling back on things that are tried and tested, just because it’s easier. This means you can try new recipes without pressure and create new traditions with your family and friends, such as making your own Christmas tree decorations, going for a walk on Christmas eve or having a Christmas movie marathon.

More Time to Decorate

Being organised means you’ll have more time to prepare your Christmas decorations. Whether you’re hanging outdoor Christmas lights or putting up your Christmas tree, you can take your time turning your home into a winter wonderland stress-free, knowing everything else is already taken care of.

You’ll Enjoy It More

By preparing for Christmas early you’re essentially gifting yourself the time back as the Christmas holidays approach. While others are rushing to the shops at the last minute after work or frantically writing out and posting their Christmas cards, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the Christmas season with your loved ones, knowing that you’ve done most of your preparations already.

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