How Much is Too Much? Warning Signs that You May be Overtraining

Due to the current global health situation, many of us have become understandably concerned about remaining healthy and physically fit. Concerning health, a growing number of individuals have chosen to adopt home-based exercise programs in recent times. While these are undoubtedly excellent ways to stay in shape until a sense of normalcy returns, we need to keep in mind that training too hard can quickly sabotage your efforts. It is essential to spot some of the most common warning signs associated with injuries and burnout. Let's first look at some symptoms attributed to overtraining before examining the steps you can take to ensure that you remain healthy. 

A Rather Insidious Problem 

Those who train too hard are often unable to spot the subtle indications that a problem may exist. The symptoms themselves tend to manifest over more extended periods. However, here are some sure-fire signs that it might be a good idea to lessen the intensity of your workouts:

  • A constant feeling of soreness.
  • Lethargy throughout the day.
  • You find that you are suddenly prone to strains and injuries.
  • You require more time than in the past to recuperate after an otherwise average training session. 

It is wise to be honest with your limitations and pay attention to how your body responds while under physical stress. If not, you are increasing the chances that you will experience some form of burnout shortly. However, there are also many steps that you can take to avoid the scenarios highlighted above. 

 Knowing When to Say When

Pride can represent a very dangerous trait within the fitness community. Be aware of the dangers if you happen to be training alone, as there is no partner to provide timely and valuable advice. The best way to keep injuries and burnout at bay is to create a concrete schedule and to listen to how your body "feels." If you begin to notice signs of overtraining, find another hobby or activity to replace exercising until you have adequately recovered. These can include (but are certainly not limited to) playing live online casino games, meditating, practicing yoga, picking up a new hobby, or enjoying a bit of nature. Above all, spotting an issue in its early stages is the best way to avert any possible long-term consequences. 

On a final note, there is a significant difference between simple fatigue and a muscle that may require more leeway to recuperate appropriately. The physical signs highlighted in this article are also somewhat subjective, and some individuals will be able to train for more extended periods than others. However, each of us needs to be able to recognize our limitations. Exercise is crucial to meet our lofty fitness goals and remain in shape until the world returns to a sense of "new normalcy."

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