FINE Finds

The young James Bond may have had this in his toy arsenal. Accommodating boys from 4 to 14 years old, this hip Ezy Roller glides forward like a snake. It maneuvers without pedals, which sure beats a tricycle any day—and for only $100.

FINE Finds


As you get older, your toys get more expensive. The ultimate big-boy toy is this land-sea-air charter—the Leight Star sophisticated, luxury yacht. At 143 feet, it has a helicopter deck, master suite, four guest suites and a gym, to name but a few amenities. The Leight Star sits in San Diego and currently has a list of interested potential buyers willing to pay its listed price $10 million.

FINE Finds

custom golfcart

San Diego County is home to some of the best golf courses. So it’s only natural that a great golfer would want to create a custom recreational golf cart. Seating two to six and operating with gas or electric, these sporty carts from Sundance will bring your game up to par for a several thousand dollars.

FINE Finds

million dollar laptop

An object of desire and the ultimate toy redefining luxury—if you have $1 million to spend on your next computer, this is your laptop. This LED-lit screen with anti-reflective glare coating is gold-plated and encased in a choice of expensive woods. Powering up requires a rare colored diamond that also acts as a security ID.


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