Travel trend in 2021: Egypt

Egypt has great culture and history, including impressive pyramids and towering pharaoh temples, filling us all with a spirit of exploration. With sublime landscapes, long rivers, this country has been an incredible host for tourists from all over the world every year, including 2021. In these difficult times, a lot of people have escaped to Egypt for a relaxing voyage. 

Where can you stay if you visit the Egyptian land? 

Whether you are planning your getaway with your family or your beloved one in Egypt, you will find many accommodation options, and you can discover the best residence that suits your needs. For example, Hurghada is the best Egyptian area for families; and for couples, the best choice for accommodation is in El Gouna. If you are looking for unique places to stay in Egypt, there are Cairo and Luxor - where you will make a leap in history and live as Egyptian emperors. All locations have marvelous resorts and dazzling beaches; you have to choose the best place to fit your requirements. 

Things to do and see in Egypt

Great Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza

The Giza complex is a must-see attraction because it is one of Egypt'sEgypt's most iconic landmarks and because of its structure and the way it was built many centuries ago. You will see the fabulous Great Sphinx inside the complex because it protects the Great Pyramid and two other smaller pyramids. The oldest landmark of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is a great way to start your Egyptian getaway. 

The Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza were built between 2550 BC and 2490 BC on the west bank of the Nile River. They are a testament to the organization, power, and genius engineering minds of ancient Egypt. It is precisely such precision and technique that people have been confused about their origins for thousands of years and formed strange and impressive theories in the process. It'sIt's a place full of exciting history. 

A cruise on the Nile river

The Nile River defines Egypt. For many tourists, a multi-day cruise on this famous waterway that witnessed the rise of the Pharaoh era is a highlight of their trip here. Cruising the Nile River is also the easiest way to see the temples on the river banks between Luxor and Aswan. Two famous attractions on the Nile cruise ship are the Temple of Kom Ombo and the Temple of Horus Edfu, where all large cruise ships stop. Coupled with the sunrise and sunset on the banks of the dunes backed by the date palms, it is one of the most peaceful views in Egypt. 

Relaxation oasis- Sinai'sSinai's Beaches 

The beaches on the Sinai Peninsula are a dream that has become true for any traveler. Sinai is one of the most magical places in Egypt that amaze you with exceptional beaches and fascinating nightlife. Known for excellent diving opportunities, it is adjacent to the wilderness of the Red Sea and the relaxation of the Mediterranean. 

The stunning coastline along the Red Sea attracts sun enthusiasts looking for recreation. Here, you can relax by doing any activity you wish and reading a magazine or playing online games like Candy Crush or Rainbow Riches. All of that with a landscape of a breathtaking beach that surrounds you.

In contrast, the incredible underwater coral reef attracts enthusiastic divers worldwide to taste the Egyptian coast. The Sinai Peninsula hosts more than 1000 kinds of fish, including lots of coral diversity. The Red Sea ecosystem is remarkable. Also, another water experience that you can have at Sinai'sSinai's Beaches is Kitesurfing or Windsurfing because the weather conditions are perfect for this kind of activity. 

Cairo - Egypt'sEgypt's capital

The narrow alleys of Cairo are filled with exciting history and many tourist attractions at every corner of the city. This is the place where ancient history meets contemporary times. The Islamic churches are built on ruins, and the skyscrapers stand behind the ancient monuments. The capital of Egypt is known for preserving the last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, but this city maintains millions of treasures beyond the Pyramids of Giza.

One of the essential attributes of Cairo is the fusion of various cultures, social classes, and natural environments found here, all of that create a unique atmosphere and culture. Here you will discover a modern side of the city, a rural sector and the most amazing part, the historical one. The magical part about Cairo is that it managed to maintain all these different entities. 

Luxor - The Valley of the Kings

As mentioned before, Luxor is one of the unique places in the world: it was the pharaoh's capital from the 16th to the 11th century BC. Luxor is far ahead of other towns in Egypt, with many historical tourist attractions and activities suitable for travelers. 

This is the location of the ancient Thebes, the great city of the Middle Kingdom, and the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom. They covered both banks of the Nile with their colossal construction projects and began a vast hidden densely hidden in the rocky valleys on the west bank. Today, their ambitions are best reflected in the magnificent Karnak Temple complex. Still, there are so many masterpieces here; you can easily spend a week to feel the purpose and grandeur of ancient Egypt. 

To complete your magic and historical Luxor trip, you need to take a hot air balloon tour. The tour takes off after sunrise and floats over the west bank. The green farmland is hidden between barren cliffs, and the temples and mausoleums in the area are viewed from above. 

Spectacular temples and mausoleums of ancient Egypt that are lined with vibrant murals make Luxor an open-air museum. This is the best place to visit in Egypt, allowing you to immerse yourself in the wonders of the ancient world.

Last words

You need to enjoy the Egyptian experience once in a lifetime. This country has rich and varied cultures, sublime history, and hospitable locals. It is no wonder why so many people choose Egypt to be their travel destination. 

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