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Ten Repair Hacks To Fix A Leaky Or Damaged Roof

The people who are hoping to keep their roof in good condition for years to come are usually going to need some tips to keep their roof in good condition. You can catch a lot of roof problems early so that you do not have to make a major repair in the future.

Is the Red Tea Detox a Scam? Make the right choice before buying

In the twenty-first century, health and wellbeing are two major buzzwords. There’s a vast audience out there eager to try new detox methods, and a thriving industry happy to sell them a miracle package that promises the world. The Red Tea Detox program falls into the second category, with claims that a pound a day/14 pounds in 14 days are realistic losses simply from drinking this magic tea.

Sexy and Exotic Swimwear from Plumeria Swimwear

Plumeria swimwear strives to give women high quality swimsuits without the price tag.

5 Gigantic Influences of AI In Education

Technology is ever-evolving, and it seems like each day that there’s something more helpful in everyday life. One industry that isn’t untouched by the evolution of AI is the education industry. Whether it’s helping teachers or students, there have been some gigantic influences of AI in education.

How to Keep Your Home Looking Fresh

You don’t need to massively overhaul your home and carry out a complete redecoration to make it look fresh and new. There are a whole lot of things you can do to achieve this without spending a tonne of money and hours of your spare time giving your home a whole new look. Here si How to Keep Your Home Looking Fresh

A Guide to the Different Types of Window Film You Must Know

Regardless if you own a home or business establishment, it’s important that you maintain the aesthetic value of these infrastructures. You should make sure that these infrastructures will still have excellent condition even after a few years. A Guide to the Different Types of Window Film You Must Know

Online Gambling in California

As the largest state in the US, California is a prime area when it comes to gambling opportunity. The state has a well-developed gaming industry, offering residents and visitors the ability to visit card rooms and casinos, as well as access online gambling.

How to Plan Your Next Travel Destination

Planning your trip can be just as exciting as going on it. The more photos you look at online of your destination, the more you will want to be there and experience everything first-hand. So long as you book your flight there, you have already made the first step forward, but there are a few other things you need to book before you leave. How to Plan Your Next Travel Destination

Reinvigorate Your Home Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where all of your meals are prepared and where most families sit to eat all of their meals together. You spend a lot of your time in the kitchen, sometimes eating other times it might be gathered to play games or have a family meeting or other occasion. Since you tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen you want to be sure that it has a great look that you can be proud of and giving it a remodel to fit the times is something a lot of people tend to do at least once every few years.

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5 Gigantic Influences of AI In Education

Technology is ever-evolving, and it seems like each day that there’s something more helpful in everyday life. One industry that isn’t untouched by the evolution of AI is the education industry. Whether it’s helping teachers or students, there have been some gigantic influences of AI in education.
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New Light Features on the Limited Audi R8 LMX

Audi has released a series of production cars boasting the more advanced lighting features.

New and Noteworthy Apps of 2016

Here are some of the top apps in 2016 to download to your iPhone.

6 Tips to Get the Best Cyber Monday Deals

Here are some tips to boost your chances of getting what you’re looking for on Cyber Monday.

Improve your Golf Swing Significantly

Gene Parente and Sean Dynes have created a unique and compelling robot for golfers unlike any in the golf world today—a machine designed and born from equal parts inspiration, perspiration, science (specifically, physics) and the natural excitement of play. The purpose? To offer golfers an opportunity to improve their game—significant yardage gain, better control, enhanced accuracy, a consistent swing and appropriate velocity and power that can perfect what a golfer is capable of achieving.

5 Gigantic Influences of AI In Education

Technology is ever-evolving, and it seems like each day that there’s something more helpful in everyday life. One industry that isn’t untouched by the evolution of AI is the education industry. Whether it’s helping teachers or students, there have been some gigantic influences of AI in education.

Luxe List Holiday Sports and Tech Gift Picks 2017

In the spirit of easing and expediting your efforts, here are this year’s holiday gift picks starting as low as $20 in the tech and sport categories that can all be purchased lickety-split via a viable Internet connection.

3 Awesome Things Your Home Can Now Do On Its Own

Automated homes are one of the fastest growing trends of the modern age.

Amazon Same Day Delivery Service: What You Need To Know

Amazon can get you a package in an hour - an industry game changer.

The Latest and Greatest in Golf Technology

Technology and the golf industry go hand in hand. The past few years technology has been able to push the game of golf in ways that many never thought were possible. Now many of the tightly held industry secrets are available to the public making golf lovers everywhere rejoice! FINE magazine helps you up your game with the latest in golf technology. Check it out here!

Best Review Sites Online

Let’s face it, the internet is a big place. In fact, there are trillions of pieces of content uploaded on it every day. There is also little to no regulation about what is placed on the internet and when. So how can you tell what is factual and what is not? How can you tell which businesses are a great deal, and which ones are a scam?

Revolutionary "MyShake" App Could Save Lives

MyShake is a potentially life–saving new app that every San Diego resident must have.

Great Tech Gadgets for Every Member of the Family

If you are looking for a birthday gift for mom, an end of the school year reward for a kiddo or a special gift for dear old dad, there are plenty of tech gadgets to choose from.

Best Gaming Consoles for 2015

Before you buy your next gaming console, take a closer look at the most popular products, the newest games and latest features each system offers.

Ready to Grow the Business? You Need a Marketing Company

Internet marketing agencies are a dime a dozen because anyone with a bit of experience building and ranking sites is quick to jump into this lucrative industry. A good agency, however, will become quite apparent when you find good a firm with proven track records.

Tech Gadgets You Need For the Holidays

These new tech gadgets you won't be able to live without this Holiday Season. We all love our tech and gadgets! Here are 5 new must haves that will bring your tech cravings down.

When Digital Technology Was Fresh

A Social & Technological Commentary

3 Intentional and Deliberate Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Live in the Moment

The smartphone made its debut in the world over a decade ago, and so many people cannot imagine their lives without their compact companion. And it seems to be daily, we hear about unique new ways to get more value out of this multi-functional device thanks to apps, accessories, and even your service plan.

New Virtual Reality Devices

Here are some of the amazing new virtual reality products available this holiday season.

The Best Golf Products for 2015

These golf products are sure to help your game this year, and they also make great gifts for the golfer in your life.

Top New Apps for 2017

It seems as if we have an app for everything these days, but not all of them are as useful as the others. No worries though, we have the best apps for you.

Commercial Photography: How To & Top Tips

When it comes to getting some commercial photography done, the reality is that the business clients that hire the professional photographers want to make sure that the commercial photography will truly enhance their business in a positive manner. They want the photography to enable their products and services to be captured in the best possible way in order to promote sales and growth.

Technology Changes in the Real Estate Marketing Industry

Like every other industry, advances in technology mean that new ways of doing traditional tasks are introduced on a regular basis.

A Phone with a Personal Assistant

The latest luxury smartphone on the market, does it live up to expectations?

Five ways to entertain yourself at home

If you’ve got a weekend coming up when you’re going to be home alone, you may be wondering what you can do to keep yourself entertained. Unless you’re the kind of person who just wants to lie in bed and hide away from the world, you should come up with some ideas to keep your mind busy. Here are five ways to make the most of a weekend at home.

3 Well-Hidden Apple Apps

Below are three little-known free apps found in the deepest pages of the Apple App Store.

Everything You need to Know About Digital Assistants

Here is everything you need to know about digital assistants in 2016.

San Diego Health Food Lovers Unite on Tasteful, the App

Tasteful is a fabulous new app to help you find vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and vegetarian restaurants in San Diego.

Local Non-Profit Coin UP Wins "2017 Start Up of the Year Award"

Coin Up has been recognized for charting new territory in technology and philanthropy.

9 Tech Toys That Teach Kids STEAM

Kids can get involved with tech and engineering easier than ever with these STEAM-focused toys.

Outwit Porch Pirates And Hackers During The Holiday Season

Security experts are reiterating their annual warnings that the convenience of online shopping comes with hazards. You could become the target of hackers out to steal your credit card or bank information, or “porch pirates” who prey on those packages left on your doorstep.

How to Start a Successful At-Home Business

Starting a successful at-home business holds a vast variety of many possibilities. Not only can you enjoy more flexible working hours, but you can also finally benefit entirely from all your hard work. If you have a family, then owning and managing an at-home business can be the ideal way to make money and spend more time with them.

​Some Top Digital Tools for Interior Design and Layout

The many stresses of the move are more than enough to worry about, so why not use some nifty digital tools to streamline the organizational process of your new space. Which tools will help you? Here are the top tools for home design and layout.

New Apple Items for 2017

Apple recently announced its’ new lineup of products in fashion, leisure and education.

How Automated SEO Technical Reporting Benefits you

In the recent past, creation and updating of reports were done manually. Companies ended up spending valuable time and resources that would have otherwise been spent elsewhere. Fortunately, technological inventions have helped ease the burden through the automation of various processes.

The Best Electric Cars of 2015

How the newest electric cars are combining comfort, luxury and class with increased mileage, better driving performance and lower fossil-fuel consumption.

Get the Best Black Friday Deals in San Diego

Guide to the best Black Friday stores in San Diego.

Tablet Wars

Whether in the market for gaming, editing or workplace productivity, there is a tablet out there suitable for your needs. So, in the war waging between the best tablets, who reigns supreme? Here’s a breakdown on which ones rise to the top.

10 Promising Travel Apps to Download to Actually Make Your Next Vacation Easier

Here are 10 apps you can download onto your smartphone to make planning your trip more organized and easy, so that you don’t have to spend hours on Google with hundreds of different tabs open.

Can You Make Money Renting a Property On Airbnb?

Do you own a rental property that you have been considering listing on Airbnb but are unsure if that is the right option for you?

Back to College Products Improving Campus Life

Enjoy some of the top accessories for a San Diego college student.

How to Turn Your House Into a Smart Home

In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few of the devices you need if you want to turn your house into a smart home.

Who is Anonymous?

We break down the hacktivist group Anonymous: how the started, who they are, and their recent threats against Trump.

Four Upcoming Space Missions That'll Revolutionize How We View the Universe

We are currently experiencing a renaissance in space exploration and study. Public opinion and interest in space programs have always been high, and recent missions and successes have spread like wildfire on social media platforms and news outlets.

3 Ways to Make Your Website Work for you

Websites don’t have to be directly selling anything to visitors in order to make money for their owners. Monetizing a website is much easier than many people realize and is an excellent way of producing some extra income for yourself. As long as people are coming to your website and it is generating consistently high levels of traffic then there are an endless number of ways that you can convert these visitors into money.

Uber San Diego's New Luxury Taxi Service

Uber launches in San Diego and we got the low down on it's latest expansion.

5 Gadgets You Need to Have in Your Home This Year

Technology gadgets for your home. Chances are you are missing some key gadgets that could not only make your life easier but save you money and make your house a cool place to visit.

Top 5 Holiday Gifts for 2014

Fine Magazine's picks for the top five best gifts of the season!

Bring your home into 2018

The most state-of-the-art technology you can afford goods available on the market.Bring your home into 2018

These are the Top 10 Console Games 2015

These are the top video games of 2015

Sweat Meets Tech: 7 Fitness Tech Picks for 2017

Free up some space on your phone (because there’s an app for everything) and get ready to smart-ify your gym bag.

Bring Your HDTV Outdoors

Make your backyard, barbecue or pool area even better this summer with a custom designed HDTV enclosure.

Best Cyber Monday Deals on New Technology and More

Here are the best San Diego Cyber Monday technology deals.

White Lightening: The Porsche 911 GT3 RS

An exclusive look with photos, specs and pricing for the all new Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

How to Stream Audio and Video Files with a VPN

If you're familiar with torrent websites and the censorship policy around them, you know how it is difficult for an average Internet user to get access to that free content presented there. Here is How to Stream Audio and Video Files with a VPN

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Tablet Review

Review of Amazon's newest tablet - Kindle Paperwhite.

New and Innovative Phone Accessories

Here are 9 new smartphone accessories everyone should try.

Tesla Teases New Model Y Car as Cheaper Model 3 Nears Production

What's new for Tesla in 2018?

Ads Be Gone: How Adblockers Work

Here is everything you need to know about online adblockers.

16 Tech-Driven Wellness Innovations

Take a look at some of the top tech-driven wellness innovations available now in San Diego.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Men

Get your man the the perfect holiday gift with these gift ideas for men.

The Sultry Science of H2O Purification

Charles Butler is on a mission. CEO and owner of Blue Water, the premier San Diego Distributer of Scale Stop Plus, provides the latest in sophisticated water purification systems, one household at a time. With a background in faucet manufacturing, Butler became committed to offering the best water purification system available and found it in Scale Stop Plus’s innovative methodology.

Scientists Discover New Planet in Our Solar System

What does the newly discovered Planet Nine mean?

San Diego's Vionic New App Helps Bring Foot Traffic to Stores

San Diego based technology company specializing social media marketing through power of apps.

Three Exciting Tech Trends for 2015

Check out three of the hottest trends in technology, from smart cars and virtual reality to wearable technology, like the new Apple wristwatch.

Tesla Model S: The Future of Electric Cars is Here

The Tesla Model S is overtaking the electric car market with sleek, eye-catching designs, improved battery range, and an impeccable safety rating.

MomCo - The Tinder App for Moms To Meet Moms

MomCo is a new app that connects moms with other moms in their community.

Four Industries Experiencing Disruptions By Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a technology that powers cryptocurrencies by the use of a global public ledger, and based on which everything even remotely related to cryptocoin can function - from Bitcoin exchanges to gambling with cryptocurrency.

Jaguar: the King of Luxury Sports Cars

Established over generations of superior engineering and high-quality craftsmanship, Jaguar’s heritage is built on a legacy of racing royalty and British aristocracy.

The Future is Wireless—Jabra Headset Review

The Jabra Elite 25e wireless headset is unlike any other wireless headset. It's comfortable, it's reliable, it's weatherproof, and it works. Even my finicky ears are happy with the quality of these amazing wireless headphones.

Learn To Manage Your Credit Today With Better Credit Blog

Better Credit Blog helps you remain anchored and manage your accounts efficiently. They help you with maintaining a better credit score that will improve your chances of getting a premium credit card and better loans. Better Credit Blog helps you build trust with yourself and with others.

Must-Have Accessories that Every New Age Corporate Executive and Entrepreneur Should Own

Corporate executives and entrepreneurs have always had a large following and people looking up to them for some reason. Fashion houses and high-end designers feed on them since these executives serve as their prestigious clientele. They are the only privileged members of the larger society who can sneak in and blend into the elitist circles because of their corporate

10 Essential Items You'll Need to Set Up a Home Office

An advantage of working from home means you can include a few personal comforts. This could be some artwork, posters, flowers or scented items. Having these in an office space will make you more relaxed and at ease when working.

Artificial Intelligence is Already a Big Part of Your Life

We have all heard of artificial intelligence, but the technology is more prevalent than you thought. From chatbots and virtual assistants to camera-mounted drones, discover five every day AI technologies that are already being widely used.

Google-Eye View

The anti-smart phone is an endeavor to free data from desktop computers and portable devices, and position it directly in front of a user’s right eye (or at least, to the upper right of it).

Not Vodka Water Bottles

Since launching in 2016 with their goal to “inspire individuality, give generously and help hydrate humanity,” Not Vodka Water Bottles has become the must-have item for those who do a lot of traveling or who just love having water with them wherever they go, like to the gym or the mall.

Beats Any Competitor in Quality and Affordability—Krankz Headphones Review

Good headphones are hard to find, but Krankz headphones have surpassed my wildest wireless headphone dreams. They've truly created a fantastic product with style, quality, and affordability in mind. Here's my review!

Silicon Valley Has Nothing on Austin – Check Out These Hi-Tech Employers

When it comes to technology, who would think that Austin, Texas would be home to some of the nation’s biggest corporations in technology?

The Drone Debate: Fun Toy or Flying Menace?

Drones are used as toys and as military devices, but what are they really and are they safe?

Don’t Be a Loser: How to Backup Your Files

From tax documents to family photos, important and precious files are entrusted on just a single hard drive.

3 Exciting Tech Trends Take the World by Storm in 2016

Here are some of the biggest tech trends in 2016, from autonomous cars to 3D printing.

The Eye in the Sky: A Look at GPS

Here's everything you need to know about how GPS works.

How to Use the Latest Technologies to Improve Your Property Business

Below are some of the main ways you can use the latest technologies to improve your property business.

Smartphones and the Pathway into the Digital Age

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the iPhone, and Nexus 6 are some of the top smartphones of 2016.

SEO For Luxury Brands: How the Best Benefit from SEO Services

SEO is undoubtedly the epitome of the current online marketing strategies. How can SEO be used for product branding?

Cashless: A Look into the Rise of Mobile Payments

Is the United States moving towards a cashless society?

San Diego Summer Gift Guide

Here are the top 10 gifts perfect for a 2016 summer.

7 Tech Items to Have In the New Year

Between exceptional quality and practical use, the best of the best technology is coming to a collection near you.

GoPros: Capturing Life’s Most Intense Moments

GoPro is an easy-to-use, high-quality camera making waves in 2016.

The Internet Cannot Leave Our Lives

Now with a high speed internet connection, we do all that in half the time on our computers. Simply put, we are in an age in which we rely on the internet more than we realize.

VAAC Army: Trending Mobile App

VAAC Army ad blocker takes advertising in a new direction.

3D Printing: Production of the Future, Here Today

Here is everything you need to know about 3D printing and how it will shape the future.

Not Quite Back to the Future: A Look at the “Hoverboard” Craze

What are hoverboards and how do they work?

Get Your Tech Product Reviewed

Want to get your product reviewed by FINE Magazine? Please contact us at tech@finesd.com with an email that has “Tech Product Review” as the subject. Tell us about your product, why it would be a fit for FINE Magazine and include any images. If accepted, we will email you with where to send your product. Please do not send products unsolicited. Reviews are free. We do not accept offensive or hazardous items.

No Need to Be a Techie to Create These Cool Photo Gifts

If you don’t consider yourself very tech savvy but you’re curious as to what you may be able to create, here’s just a couple of the top projects people are using their photos for.
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How to Plan Your Next Travel Destination

Planning your trip can be just as exciting as going on it. The more photos you look at online of your destination, the more you will want to be there and experience everything first-hand. So long as you book your flight there, you have already made the first step forward, but there are a few other things you need to book before you leave. How to Plan Your Next Travel Destination

San Diego Neighborhoods to Add-on Your Must-Visit List

The best way to truly grasp the big picture of the city you live in is to experience it through its pieces, neighborhood by neighborhood. San Diego is well known as ‘America’s Finest City’, but it would not get this title if the beauty and the beat of its pieces, from the north of Oceanside to the south of Chula Vista, wasn’t so exceptional. Beautiful. San Diego Neighborhoods to Add-on Your Must-Visit List

3 Things Every Student Should Take Care of When Moving to Southampton for College

Southampton has some of the most popular schools and universities in the country, which is why the city sees a good number of students arrive here from all around the UK every year. If you happen to be one of them, congratulations on making it to Southampton! 3 Things Every Student Should Take Care of When Moving to Southampton for College

The Bahamas’ Best Cafes

Every year thousands of people visit the Bahamas because they know how beautiful it is, that the homes for rent in the Bahamas are luxurious and you could have the vacation of a lifetime. Here are the Bahamas’ Best Cafes

Invaluable Tips for Canadians Moving to the San Diego Area

Thanks to the shared border between the United States and Canada, it’s quite common for people to move from one country to another whether for a short-term stay or a long-term move. For those Canadians who are gearing up for a move to the San Diego area, there’s a whole lot to prepare for outside of the great weather that awaits you. So, before you start feeling too flustered and stressed about the move and the preparations, here are some invaluable tips that can make the process a whole lot smoother and even enjoyable.

Here Is Why Your Family Should Travel To Canada

Are you sick and tired of sitting around at home? Are you ready to get outside and explore everything the world has to offer? When planning your next trip, you’ll definitely want to select a beautiful destination. Look no further than Canada. This country will prove to be the very best destination for your entire family. Within this guide, you’ll find out why your family should travel to Canada pretty soon.
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Dry Skin and Products to Use, including Solar Body Moisturizer by DeVita Natural Skincare!

DeVita natural skincare has become the fastest growing all-natural 100% “Paraben free”, Peta Certified, Vegan cosmeceutical skin care line in the Country!

Skin Care Products You Should Start Using in Your 40s

So, what can you do to keep your skin looking good, as long as possible, and even reverse damage? We found some of the Best anti-aging face lotions and creams that will keep your skin glowing!

5 Tips to Help Men Maintain a Well-Groomed Beard

A lot of men want to grow out a beard but don't know how to avoid having it look wild and messy. The truth is, you can't just let your facial hair grow and expect it to look healthy, soft, and well-groomed. You also can't treat it like the hair on your head, as facial hair tends to be thicker, darker, and more coarse. This means there is a different set of products and grooming routines to follow to keep your beard properly maintained. Here are five tips to help you maintain a well-groomed beard.

4 Simple Tips to Be More Body Confident This Summer

Summer is the time of year when everything comes to life; the sun is bright, the sky is warm and more people than any other time of year come out of their homes to enjoy the beautiful weather. However, the warm weather also means that fewer layers. Would like to feel beach body ready this summer then read more

What You Need to Know About Getting a Facial

What happens behind the scenes when our face is getting prepped for a facial? What type of facial does your skin need? Find out more with our guide to facial treatments!

Swimsuits For Every Body Type

Summer is here and the only thing on your list should be sipping margaritas by the pool— in a cute bikini of course— showing off that toned physique you worked all winter and spring for. Here are a few tips and tricks to follow when choosing a swimsuit that is right for your body type.
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Home Design

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The Art of Self-Expression Through Drawing Classes for Children

Children often lack the language skills to convey their innermost thoughts and feelings. We can tell something is wrong. But when we ask them to express what’s wrong, what do we get? Usually a shrug or a short answer of “Nothing.” Drawing classes for children are often a wonderfully effective outlet for children who need to develop the art of self-expression.

Mission Impossible Fallout Movie Review

Yep, it's another "Mission Impossible" movie alright. And what better time than summer to sit back, kick our feet up, and watch impossible feats within director Christopher McQuarrie's 147 minute time bomb.