13 Cool And Practical Home Wine Storage Ideas

13 Cool And Practical Home Wine Storage Ideas


There are a few ways for you to store wine in your home that will be interesting and unique.  You need to be sure that you have tried all of these ideas because you can completely change the way that you are managing your home, your life, and your entertainment of friends and family.  


1.  Built Ins


A built in wine cooler is a good place to start because it changes how you store your wine and keep it safe.  Plus, this is an easy appliance to maintain.


2.  Floor Cooler


You can put in a cooler that just sits on the floor in your kitchen or in the entertainment area.


3.  Chest Cooler


You could use a chest cooler if you want to have more space under the mini bar at home.


4.  Cooler Room


You could set up a pantry or storage closet that is kept at the same temperature by its own cooler throughout the day.  This is something that you can easily do at any time, and you can use these rooms to hold many more bottles of wine than you could in your kitchen.


5.  Counter Cooler


The counter cooler is one that is much smaller and just sits right out in the open where it is very easy to see.  You just need to be sure that you have chosen something like this when you have enough space on the counter to make it fit.  


6.  Cellar Cooler


You could put something in the cellar that will keep things cool enough without chilling them.  This is a good thing to do when you know the cellar is cool enough.


7.  Fridge Locker


You could use a special locker in your fridge that will maintain the right temperature without getting too cold.


8.  The Trunk


You could use a trunk because it will always be cooler in there than it is in other parts of the house.  This is especially important if you are trying to hide a lot of things in that trunk that come from your kitchen.


9.  Outdoor Fridge


Some people have an outdoor fridge that is turned up slightly just for their wine because it will not get too cold this way.  


10.  The Wine Sleeve


You can use a chilled wine sleeve when you are ready to keep the wine in the kitchen but not use it quite yet.  This is a good idea especially if you are cooking.


11.  The Wine Bucket


Wine buckets are still a good place to chill the bottle in ice because the ice will slowly melt and never get too cold inside the bucket.


12.  The Wine Rack


A wine rack can sit in the coolest part of the kitchen if you would like a storage idea that is easy to access.


13. Freezer


Some people freeze wine because they never let it get too cold.


All these tips will make your wine taste better and stay in good condition in your house for a long time to come.