8 Marketing Tips for Real Estate Startups

Real estate agents play a crucial role to help home buyers and sellers close lucrative deals.  However, recent technological advancements have bridged the gap between buyers and sellers. This means that real estate startups should work on strengthening their presence; both online and offline to attract a good share of clients.

If you fail to initiate as an aggressive and engaging real estate startup, you are less likely to leave a permanent mark on your customers.

Here are 8 marketing tips that are helpful for all real estate startups.

  1. Create a Responsive Website

It is not surprising to know that today’s tech-savvy consumers browse listings on their smartphones. This is why your first website should be responsive to the needs of their devices. Since, 80% of users now search the internet through handheld devices; don’t give them an excuse to abandon your website.

Responsive alone is not enough. Speed is also very important. If your real estate website has a slow upload speed, then visitors will just bounce back and visit your competitor’s website. And upload speed is a ranking factor in Google search engine. Hosting your website with a reliable hosting company will definitely make a huge difference.

  1. Email Marketing

When you are able to retain potential customers on your website, collecting emails is another important strategy for creating client relationships. You can also accumulate emails from any other method such as local outreach, to get a handy list of email subscribers.

Email marketing helps inform your email subscribers about stuff that they are looking for such as new houses on the market, apartments to rent, etc.

If your real estate startup is operating in different geographical regions, you will be able to segment your newsletter subscribers to send only relevant emails.

  1. Automate

Although creating the perfect email newsletter and content to share with your subscribers is important, automating routine tasks is just as important. Scaling any business is almost impossible without some kind of systems in place and automation to meaningful deliver results explains Daniel, marketing manager at Malta Sotheby’s.

There are many software’s, plugins and tools that help you to automate many steps of your marketing campaign. Moreover, you can also get connected to several content marketing firms that will take care of the online marketing aspect of your business so that you can focus on the core services of your real estate startup.

This will also help you connect with outsourcing companies to create and automate your newsletters to garner online engagement.

  1. Boost Your Facebook Presence

Facebook has revolutionized the way we communicate. With just a little investment, you can easily promote your ads and images to get maximum exposure. Moreover, it also helps to promote your blog posts through your Facebook Business Page, a video or a virtual tour of a house you are promoting.

Facebook enables you to feature ads based on demographics and other parameters. That is why the social media giant has now become an integral part of all marketing efforts.

Facebook remarketing is proven to covert really well and a real estate agent can drive relevant traffic cheaply. You might need the help of a digital agency to set up the Facebook pixel and the visual ad.  

  1. Benefit from Browser Plugins

There are incredibly useful plugins to help automate a great deal of your marketing activities. Since real estate agents are always on the go, even startups have less time to do everything themselves. Automate your social media postings and email marketing campaigns to save time and money.

There are also different apps that let you bookmark useful content or schedule them to be shared with your audience at a given time and date. This will help you never to miss something that you would like to share with your current and potential clients.

  1. Offer a Virtual Tour

Time is a valuable luxury – even for your clients. Nobody wants to waste time visiting several properties without knowing much about them. This is why a virtual tour provides an accurate picture about a house or an apartment that you have listed.

Ensure you hire professional help to create your tours. A badly created video will harm the reputation of your startup more than anything.

  1. Become Accessible

Nothing on your website or social media page should be without a CTA or contact information.  Make yourself as accessible as you can to get as much attention as possible. Another important aspect of becoming accessible is also making sure that the correct contact information is available to your staff and customers. Phone numbers, address, email, and correct property information will give you so much credibility.

  1. Hire a marketing agency

to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your website. Ranking on the first page of Google for search terms people are looking for is a very powerful marketing tactic. There are large, established websites like Zillow and Trulia in the US that are almost impossible to beat, BUT the good news is, they are big companies and focus on the large volume keywords. Your SEO agency should focus on long tail keywords, with lower search volumes. These search terms tend to convert even better than the generic keywords.

Final Thoughts

Even in today’s digital world, a real estate company is recognized by how impressive its business card is. Get a unique logo created for your real estate startup and place it with accurate contact information on an elegant business card. You can hand these out on a local event or at a seminar.

Although working on your own marketing efforts should be the center of your focus; keep an eye on your competitors and be aware of what they doing to stay in touch with their clients.


Elena is an active member at the developer’s association and is happy to contribute her knowledge to startups. She has been in the real estate business for the past 7 years and as a marketing manager and also runs her blog elenatahora.com. Her other interests include languages, travel and surfing.