Art, Rhythm and Wine 2016 Sponsors and Participants

Benefit Us4Warriors

Weimy Cutlery

Photos by MD Bouton

This was an epic art show filled with some amazing people and stunning handcrafted paintings; now we want to thank everyone who helped make the 2nd Annual Art, Rhythm and Wine Festival (benefiting veteran charity Us4Warriors) a possibility––namely, our sponsors and participants. 

American Portfolio Mortgage

​American Portfolio Mortgage is a company dedicated to providing a smooth and satisfying mortgage experience for investors and homeowners. American Portfolio Mortgage's loan officers work with you to find the deal that's right for you. We were so happy to have American Portfolio Mortgage as our sponsor at Art, Rhythm and Wine.

Veterans Publishing, Inc.

Inspiring other veterans to put pen to paper, Veterans Publishing brought three of their authors to our event. Authors included at that Art, Rhythm and Wine festival include New York Times Best Seller William Craig Reed, Navy SEAL Marshall Lubin, and Air Force Retiree Antonio Vianna.

Weimy Cutlery

Weimy Cutlery creates veteran forged and American-made knives. With well-crafted blades, Weimy Cutlery offers kitchen knives, outdoor knives and tactical knives, as well as merchandise and knife sharpening services.

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