Capes to the Rescue

This Antiquated Look is Back in Style

Marchesa Cape Gown

Outerwear is an annual source of stress for fashionistas. Despite the onslaught of new styles every fall, consumers struggle to balance the necessity of warm layers with the desire to remain fashionable in the cooler parts of the year. While plenty of coats hang in closets, most women dread the thought of covering up a stylish look with something frumpy and shapeless. One fall trend that challenges the traditional warm coat is a cape.

No, not a superhero cape. Though it might require super powers to pull off this unique style, capes are one of the easiest pieces of attire for the fall. Drawing off the casual-chic look of a jacket draped around the shoulders, capes and their elegant sisters, cape dresses, incorporate the idea into the garment itself. Arms are liberated from their sleeves with this style, allowing for freedom of movement and an opportunity to bare some skin in a classy way. Because capes use simple design and are attached to all styles of dresses, they can be flattering on nearly any body shape.


When styling more formal looks, like cocktail dresses and gowns, opt for a simpler capelet, which delicately adorns the shoulders without drawing attention away from the rest of a dress. Many designers are combining the two with the cape dress to create a professional and polished duo, sometimes embellishing capelets with lace and other features. Elegant styles no longer have to be shrouded by coats and jackets that may be too heavy or difficult to match. A cape is versatile outerwear and essential for fall. 

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