Charity as a State of Mind

The Benefits of Charity

Help Your Local Community This Holiday Season

There are dozens of reasons to donate to charity, but one that gives back in a personal, tangible way is tax benefits. Many qualified charitable organizations give opportunities for tax deductions. What better way to save money than to give back? But there are even more reasons besides tax breaks and that warm fuzzy feeling to donate. The major benefit, of course, is to improve the community where you live. Giving to different nonprofit organizations is similar to putting your change in a piggy bank.

A common way to donate to charity is through time. Volunteering is not only a good resume builder, but it's a good way to get out into the community, meet people you wouldn't normally meet, and serve for the common good. 

Churches or other religious organizations are a great place to start. Many churches and other religious organizations have community outreaches that benefit the poor and underprivileged. 

Why not give to an educational organization? Nothing betters society like helping the children. Children are the future of this nation and are benefited by community involvement. Children need mentors and encouragement, or they might not reach their full potential.

Hospitals or other medical research organizations have many opportunities for donation or volunteer work. Most sections of hospital care have opportunities for volunteers to help with patients of all ages. An application and background check are necessary, but once those are finished you are in the clear to volunteer.

Governmental units (local, state and federal) thrive on volunteer work and donations. Publicly-supported organizations and certain private foundations and nonprofits seek volunteers for different events too.

There will always be people in need, so change someone's life this holiday season. For more information, visit Charity Navigator.

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