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The Bucket Bag

Free the People handbag

The bucket bag is now a sign of style and high-class. The bucket bag is simple and easy to use with minimal pockets so you know exactly where you placed that last piece of gum. Designed to be carried off of the shoulder, bucket bags cinch at the top, closing the ends firmly, yet naturally. Coming in all sizes, the bucket bag offers many styles. Cute and versatile, the bucket bag is able to be dressed up or down. This adds a bit of originality and a more personalized touch. The bucket bag is simple, yet chic, and is should definitely be your next purchase.

Lilly Pulitzer

The Tote

This is a must-have for every woman. During the fall months, enjoy a solid color tote bag or one with simple splashes of design. Long Champ and Lilly Pulitzer have a wide variety of fun and esthetically pleasing totes that are sure to grab attention anywhere you go. A good tote is like the Marry Poppins magical bag: you can fit anything inside of it! The tote is great for over-packers and people who always want to be prepared.

Kate Spade

The Mini 

The mini is a favorite handbag, by far. When going out for a girls night, carry as little as possible with these cute purses. Don't worry about lugging around large purses or about wearing out your shoulder. This little baby can join you on the dance floor without knocking over your gal pals. Many brands offer fun colors to go with any outfit, however neutrals are available, as well. Kate Spade mini bags are great for ultimate quality and long wear. The classic style is sure to keep in good shape for years to come.

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