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Those soulful eyes looking deep into your heart. That undeniable bond created through the years of companionship. That constant four-legged shadow following you. The connection you share with a family pet is incomparable and unique. They are a major part of your world, but to them you are their entire world. Pets are there for you at all times. You have a rough day at work, and they are there to welcome you home with a wagging tail or a loud purr. Feeling exhausted, mentally, emotionally or physically? They are there to give you companionship curled up at your feet or maybe on your lap. Those who have had a pet know how attached an individual can get to an animal and how devoted an animal can be to their human. 

The economy is in constant fluctuation, good one day and terrible the next. Imagine if your furry, four-legged best friend (or legless, scaly snake maybe) happened to injure themselves or got severely sick on the very day you just lost your job. How are you supposed to pay your bills, provide for your children or purchase your groceries, let alone afford a veterinary bill? Could you imagine the emotional pain of having to give up your loyal and loving companion who has been nothing but devoted to you and your family? Thanks to FACE (Foundation for Animal Care and Education), if you are faced with some hard times and your family pet needs medical attention, there is financial help out there. 

In 2006 FACE was established by a group of community members and veterinarians as a non-profit organization to help provide financial support to pet owners whose animal companion(s) may require critical emergency care. Unfortunately, it is common for pet owners to opt for humane euthanasia when they are faced with financial troubles and ill or injured animals, choosing to end their pet’s suffering when they are incapable of helping. To make such a decision is heart-wrenching and painful; it is a decision that, with the help of FACE, some owners fortunately don’t have to make. FACE is an amazing 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to support. 

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