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KAABOO-Style: Festival-Forward Fashion

Looking for some KAABOO fashions? Look no further than local boutique Clothe + Arrow.
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Blooming in the City of Angels Photoshoot

This photoshoot, titled “Blooming in the City of Angels” by photographer Dali Ma, focuses on beauty and growth amidst urban decay.

San Diego Fall Fashion Photoshoot

This year, FINE Magazine Fashion Director Siomara Garcia invited four regional designers to display their unique and expressive looks for an exclusive photoshoot and in-depth interviews about their designs.

Haute Noon Fashion Photoshoot

With photos by Wendy Smith––and this stunning photoshoot styled by Liese Victoria––this Haute Noon photoshoot offers a cute, couture look.

Alexis Navarro Velvet Line Fashion Photoshoot

Reminiscent of the 1990s with bright colors and textured fabric, designer Alexis Navarro has created something stunning, a statement piece meant to lift up your wadrobe and elevate it to the next level.

San Diego's 2017 Fashion Redux Photoshoot

This year, the San Diego History Center and the Fashion Program at San Diego Mesa College presented their 6th Annual Fashion Redux.

Tibetan Transplant Photoshoot

This exotic-themed photoshoot is an international-journey in the making! With downtown San Diego as the backdrop for this stunning 'shoot, it was guaranteed to be a beautiful spread.
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Buckle Up with These Belt Trends

Have we left belts somewhere in the depths of our wardrobe memories—or are they the accessory of the year?

Interview with Patrick Kevin Francisco

FINE Magazine spoke to Patrick Kevin Francisco about his design process, fashion line GAiETY Up and future plans.

Top Shoes and Handbags by Sam Edelman

With 30 years in the industry, Sam Edelman has aged his craft of footwear design much like a fine wine.

Interview with Designer David Parker

With roots in both coastal California and rural Idaho, designer David Parker likes to explore the influences different cultures had on him.

Fall Fashion Color Trend: Pink Salt

Pink continues as both a core color and a fashionable shade, with warm, baked hues providing volume and color options across retailers.

Capes to the Rescue

Drawing off the casual-chic look of a jacket draped around the shoulders, capes and their elegant sisters, cape dresses, incorporate the idea into the garment itself.
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Modern Men’s Accessories

With everything from socks to hats, no accessory was spared in our search for the most fashionable men’s accessories of 2017.

A Guide to Men’s Jeans

Searching for the right pair of jeans can be a challenge, so it’s best to keep in mind these three tips.

Interview with Dante Vulgar

Dante Vulgar has begun to make a name for itself as one of the finest luxury watch brand options that come with a reasonable price tag.

How to Buy a Watch Online

If you are considering buying a watch online instead of going to a departmental store, this is a decision that should be carefully considered.

Samir Crush: Barely Getting Started

​Let’s take a step back from the wigs, makeup, high heels and tight pants (if you aren’t stuck in them) and dive into what it really means to make it as an androgynous male model in San Diego and LA.

Secrets about Men's Fashion You Must Know In 2017

A lot of people will tell you how to get a perfect tailored made suit for yourself, or which leather bag to choose or watch to wear, but very limited number of people are updating the runway trends of men’s fashion.
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Bradford Watch Company Announces New Collection That Effortlessly Blends Classic and Modern

Bradford Watch Company is on a mission to help you master your moment with a comfortable simplicity that encourages a spirit of style and adventure, all at a uniquely affordable price.

San Diego's 2017 ​Temecula Fashion Week Recap

On Friday, May 19th, entrepreneur and community leader Marie Waite presented local designers that highlighted a memorable opening night during Temecula’s annual fashion week at the City Hall, Old Town Temecula Courtyard.

How to Buy a Watch Online

If you are considering buying a watch online instead of going to a departmental store, this is a decision that should be carefully considered.

"Ring" the Wedding Bells in San Diego

Nowadays, a wedding ring symbolizes an everlasting connection—with no clear ending or beginning to a ring’s circular shape, a ring is the embodiment of an eternity of love and happiness.

How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

In this article, we’ll discuss modern trends in engagement jewelry and provide some advice on how to save money on your purchase.

Sean Loghman: The Accidental Jeweler

Most successful businesses are born of hopes and dreams. Loghman Jewelers—which at 28 years and counting holds the longest tenancy at Del Mar Plaza—was also born of panic.
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Fall Fashion Must-Have: Textured Pieces

Textured fashion is now trendy in 2017.

KAABOO-Style: Festival-Forward Fashion

Looking for some KAABOO fashions? Look no further than local boutique Clothe + Arrow.

Get Smart: Fashion Meets Function in the World of Wearable Tech

Technology has become a part of our daily lives, integrating itself into our finances, our fitness and aspects of our fashion.

Interview with Nicole Vargas of SkynCandySwim

New swimwear line, SkynCandySwim promises to deliver quality swimwear without burning a hole in your pocket.

Interview with Amahlia Stevens of Vitamin A Swimwear

This Laguna Beach native and mother of twin girls shared with FINE Magazine how her swimwear is her creative existence.

Hot Fashions at Haute 2 Trot Fashion Show San Diego

On July 13th, FINE Magazine, in partnership with Oakwood Escrow held its third annual Haute 2 Trot Fashion Show at The Del Mar Plaza.

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