Move To Luxury Homes

Thinking of Moving Up? Why NOW Just Might Be The Perfect Time...

 Have you heard the news? Two distinct factors in today's marketplace are making NOW the best time (in a long time) to move up into that luxury, executive, estate home you've always wanted.

 For one, mortgage interest rates have not been this low in 50 years - yes, 50 years since they started tracking the data. Secondly, the sheer amount of housing inventory is HUGE, with record numbers of distressed and foreclosure properties - at all price points which was previously unheard of, especially in the upscale market.

 Additionally, because these numbers continue to rise, home values continue to decrease, and the amount of people who can afford to move up shrinks. Thus, the basic principles of 'supply and demand' are set into motion, creating the perfect opportunity for low demand. What does all this mean (finally!)? It means low absorption rates, which will increase inventory. Next, the current low rates will produce renewed and MAXIMUM BUYING POWER, especially if you have the following:

1. Maintained a solid and high FICO credit score

2. Do not currently own a home or bought a home more than 10 years ago

3. Available cash reserves and/or equity for a new luxury home purchase

 So, now that you know why today is the perfect time to move up to and buy your dream home, what key concepts should you consider to help you get the most value for your money? In summary, here is a brief outline of what to look for when shopping for your new executive home besides location, location, location!):

1. Amenities:

For the ambience of luxury, consider all the amenities available within a community such as: a golf course, pool, spa, social clubs, tennis and equestrian facilities. These amenities often sway buyers in a positive direction when making that final decisions between other, similar properties in the same zip code that offer less. They not only afford the best value; they also assure maximum upside resale value.

2. Safety:

For the upmost luxury and sense of maximum privacy and security, insist on guard-gated entrances and staffed communities that also offer private and after hour security patrols, much like the Del Mar Country Club, Fairbanks Ranch, The Bridges, Crosby Estates, Cielo, Rancho Pacifica, Palacio Del Mar, The Heritage and Santaluz, to name a few.

3. Schools:

Regardless of whether or not you have school age children or are sending them to private school, look for distinctive properties that are located in the best school district(s). Historically, these areas hold their value, even when the marketplace wanes.

4. Professionalism:

Hire a full-time, professional, licensed agent that is certified by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing with access to the International Multiple Listing Service. Working with an area specialist can help ensure a satisfying and successful home buying experience.