Five Important Steps to Select the Right Mattress for You





A standard recommendation is to replace your mattress approximately every eight years. If the time has come to start shopping for a new mattress, you understandably are focused on making a smart decision. The mattress that you select can affect your quality of sleep for years. However, with numerous options to consider, it is easy to feel confused or even flustered while you are shopping around. These important steps will guide you into making an excellent buying decision.


Set a Budget


The cost of a new mattress and box springs can range from reasonably affordable to astronomical. Your goal should be to purchase a quality mattress that is comfortable and supportive, and that is also within your price range. To narrow down the options, it makes sense to set a budget for your purchase before you visit a mattress store. Remember to think about the possible need to replace bedding as well. When you meet with salespeople, be clear and firm about your budget.


Understand Your Needs


Mattresses vary dramatically based on features related to size, firmness, durability and motion absorption. The size of a mattress is easy enough for most people to determine upfront. The firmness factor is not merely a matter of preference. Your sleep position and body weight also should be considered when deciding on an ideal firmness level. Durability is related to the materials that are used in the manufacturing process as well as the overall engineering or construction of the bed. Motion absorption may be essential for those who are easily disturbed when a sleeping partner rolls around or gets in and out of bed.


Research the Options


After you determine your specific needs for a mattress, you need to research the many materials and styles available. For example, a pillow top design can make an otherwise firm and supportive mattress feel softer and more comfortable. A memory foam mattress has a high level of motion absorption. Some beds are even made out of a special material to help you stay cooler at night. Understand the pros and cons of each option so that you can determine the right material and style that is best for you.


Spend Ample Time Shopping


Your time spend researching the options and defining your needs can help you to make your shopping efforts less stressful. Many people start shopping for mattresses without forethought or planning. They simply walk into a mattress store with the intent to walk out with a new mattress. Remember that you may need to lay on a mattress for several minutes or longer before you can determine if it is ideally comfortable and supportive. Avoid rushing through this process.


Review the Warranty Period


After you have found a mattress that you are eager to take home, take the final step of reviewing the warranty period. A reasonable warranty period for a new mattress and box spring set covers a period of three to five years. Remember that you may need to follow specific rules to keep the warranty valid, such as by only using the mattress with the box spring that it was sold with.


As eager as you may be to get rid of your old, worn out mattress, it is important to avoid rushing through the buying process. Keep in mind that you may be able to walk through the first few steps listed here within a short period of time. However, the shopping process may take you several long hours and may require you to visit multiple mattress stores in your area. Remember that your effort spent on each of these steps will be well-rewarded by years of restful sleep on your new mattress.