Five Situations When You Need an Emergency Plumber

More often than not, home plumbing concerns happen gradually. You can realize them before they get out of hand and repair them so that you won’t have to deal with huge issues. As such, you don’t have to deal with the inconveniences of substantial plumbing problems and the additional costs that come with it.

However, sometimes people assume that these problems are just minor ones. Since your toilet or sink is functioning well, you will overlook the problem. Unfortunately, the signs you have noticed are an indication of enormous plumbing problems. Ignoring the signs leads to emergency plumbing issues. These are some of the times you would need to call an emergency plumber. Remember that you do not have to be underwater to need a plumber.

Busted pipe

Busted pipes are among the most common reasons for plumbing emergencies in homes. Also, they are one of the water emergencies that require urgent help. You could be risking a significant amount of water, damaging your property based on the pipe that has busted and its location. You need to contact a plumber as soon as you notice a busted pipe, instead of trying to fix the issue on your own. As you wait for the 24-hour plumber in Salt Lake City to arrive, clear the flooding area to reduce the water damage.

Clogged Drain

Usually, drains function well, and you rarely think of them. But your drain can quickly become an issue if it overflows or begins to back up the sink. You might deal with the blockage problem on your own, but it is wise to call an emergency plumber as soon as possible to handle the situation. An emergency plumber will identify the clog spots and offer a long-term remedy.

Gas Leaks


Most people don’t know that plumbers also deal with copper pipes and natural gas furnace connections. You need to hire a plumber often to inspect the heat in your home and prevent gas leaks and carbon monoxide. Gas leaks are among the top reasons people hire emergency plumbers.


You might need a plumber even when you are not underwater, but you require an emergency plumber if you are underwater. Flooding in your home can originate from different areas. You can consider a 24-hour plumber when you notice that any part of your house is flooded. You will be risking extensive water damage if you don’t call an emergency plumber to inspect your basement flooding or leaking concerns.

Overflowing toilet

No one wants to deal with an overflowing toilet; it can be nasty. It can be confusing and difficult to stop the water from flowing. It could be a result of a blocked drain or other plumbing issues. You will save time and prevent further damage by calling a professional emergency plumber to repair the problem.

Homeowners hate water running loose in their homes. The damage is costly, and it takes several hours to clean up the mess. If you find yourself in any of these situations, you shouldn’t hesitate to call an emergency plumber to fix the plumbing problem.