Foods Included in a Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan


Some may think a ketogenic diet entails a lot of a work. This is true, especially for beginners. But as you consistently stick to it, it will be less work and will become more of a habit.

Practicing a ketogenic diet involves consciously slashing out your carbohydrate intake while increasing fat intake. These efforts are targeted at attaining a state of Ketosis and then sustaining it.

Ketosis varies among individuals. Some may reach Ketosis by maintaining a daily eating pattern of 20 grams of carbs. Others can still manage to reach Ketosis with a carb intake of 50 grams daily. However, ketosis is enormously dependent on the amount of carbohydrates consumed.

Let us look at some keto-friendly foods to help you achieve ketosis.

Foods to eat


When you are on a keto diet, try to eat more eggs. These include pastured eggs or organic whole eggs. If you choose to eat poultry, then turkey and chicken are your best options. Fish is also a staple in your keto diet plan.

However, it would be best if you eat healthy fatty fishes like herring, wild-caught salmon as well as mackerel. For meat, choose organ meats, venison, grass-fed beef, and bison.

However, refrain from taking too much protein. Ideally, it is best to aim for approximately 15 percent of calories from high-fat protein sources.

Always keep in mind that the body transforms excess protein to carbohydrates which can prove detrimental to your keto diet.

Also, make sure to limit yourself from processed meats like bacon and sausage. While anyone on a keto diet can consume it, remember that processed meats contain high sodium levels.

The dairy products you consume is also significant. Your best option will be full-fat diary such as cream, butter, and yogurt.

Full-fat cheese also falls within the list of recommended foods. Additionally, cream cheese is a good option and the same goes for cheddar, goat cheese, brie, and mozzarella.

For the type of fats to consume, online resources like Ketogenic Diet Plan Free PDF, will recommend using olive oil, sesame oil, coconut butter, avocado oil, and coconut oil.

A keto diet doesn't forbid eating nuts and seeds. However, specific nuts and seeds may be recommended. Go for flaxseeds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, and pumpkin seeds.

For vegetables, choose non-starchy variants like peppers, greens, tomatoes, and broccoli. A keto diet also allows use of condiments like fresh herbs, vinegar, spices, and salt.

Foods to Avoid

Basically, almost every Ketogenic Diet Plan Free PDF will advise you to strictly avoid high carb meals. Therefore, foods like white bread, rolls, crackers, and cookies should be avoided. Sadly, you also have to let go of your beloved spaghetti and noodles.

Avoid sugary foods and sweets like maple syrup, ice cream and coconut syrup. It is best to avoid sweetened beverages like sports drinks, wine, juice and soda.

Other than that, also make sure to avoid grains like oatmeal, pasta, and rice which are all high in carbohydrates.