Getting Political: Fashion Meets Politics with Bold Statements

Fashion and Politics?

Fashion and Politics?

The current fashion revolution started in the 1950s. The mature, conservative look of major designers was overtaken by casual attire in the ‘50s – with cinched waists and accentuated hips, the mature style saw women wearing pants, shorts, sportswear and shoulder-revealing dresses. But then – the ‘60s. Social change ruled the scene, and fashion changed with it. That change is currently reflected in the 2017 fashion industry. Like in the 1960s, politics and protests can’t keep out of design.

In the 2017 season, New York Fashion Week shares political power on most catwalks. Instead of showing skin, like in the ‘60s, people now raise their voices through fashion in the form of slogans and literal statements on garments. With feminism, human rights, immigration, culture and political differences at the forefront of this design trend, consumers are expressing their thoughts thanks to the bravery and voices of high-end designers.

Political Statements on Fashion

But is political activism really the goal of these lauded fashion houses? Or are designers taking advantage of today’s political climate, creating controversy with their brand and inevitably increasing the number of eyes who see their designs? Are there good intensions behind the designs, or is it all a marketing strategy? No matter the message, at the end of the day fashion houses and designers need attention and sales in order to meet their bottom lines—sometimes, controversy can be the best marketing tool around. And if it’s true that designers are only embracing political statements to boost sales, does that devalue the messages they propagate? Or does it not matter? Fashion is about creativity and self-expression; political messages certainly meet that standard.

Whether designers are acting from deeply held beliefs or corporate needs, you should still say “yes” to the political fashion trend. Find a designer who exemplifies your beliefs, be brave and support your cause with pride. Change doesn’t happen overnight—it comes from people taking a stand and vocalizing their opinions. No matter why designers started pushing political agendas, this trend is here for people to express themselves, and we should all take advantage of it. Because, in the end, what good is a voice if you choose not to use it? Raise your voice; join the fashion revolution.

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