Highly Problematic Problems You Can Avoid When Moving

Are you planning to move to a new apartment or home soon? You must be very excited and looking forward to living in your new place. Moving gives us the opportunity to start afresh, meet new people, and enjoy new experiences. Having said that, there are several things that can go wrong with your upcoming move if you don’t have a proper plan in advance.


We’ve compiled some problematic problems that can occur when moving, and what you can do to avoid them. So, stick with us for a few minutes to learn more.


Making Extra Trips You Didn’t Plan For


Whether you’re planning to move to another state or within the same state, I’m certain you don’t want to go back and forth between the two houses. This problem usually happens when your belongings don’t fit into the moving truck of your mover at once, forcing them to make extra trips. These trips will not just make you tired and waste your time, they’ll also eat deep into your pockets when you’re required to pay for the additional manpower and fuel used.


To prevent this problem, make sure the mover you’ve hired comes to inspect your belongings personally before giving you a quote. When they come, confirm with them if they have sizeable trucks that can accommodate all your things at once. Another tip is to pack only what you need for the move. Make sure they’re packed in a compact and secure manner so they can all fit on the track.


Being A Victim of A Moving Scam


You may not know this, but moving scams are among the top deadliest scams worldwide. It can happen to you if you don’t take your time to plan everything properly. It usually involves moving companies doing any of the following things:


a) Refusing to assume liability when your household belongings are stolen or damaged during the move.


b) Asking you to pay money prior to your move and then they don’t show up and don’t pick your calls on the moving day.


c) Charging you very high fees for packing services.


d) Failing to inspect your household items before the move.


e) Taking off with some or all of your belongings when you’re not watching.


To avoid being a victim of such scams, you need to do your research thoroughly to help you find a reliable and reputable moving company. Taking time to choose the right mover is very important to ensure that your upcoming relocation goes as planned. It’s also a good idea to request multiple quotes from several different companies.


Compare their credentials, track records, services, quotes and customer experiences (you can get this by reading customer reviews from their website) before making your choice. A reliable company will come to your home and do a thorough inspection and weighing of your items before giving you a quote. So, stay away from movers who want to give you a quote through the phone, or those that ask for money before they move you.


Household Items Not Fitting Into The New House

Image Source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2017/08/10/16/03/boxes-2624231_960_720.jpg


This problem can cause a lot of frustration for your mover and your family too. Most of the time, extra large items not fitting through the front door, or in other rooms of the new house is caused by poor planning on your part. Dining tables, pieces of furniture and pianos are just a few things that can fail to fit properly.


When this happens, movers often have to find creative ways to get such items inside the house. This may involve risky maneuvers and awkward angles. Note that forcing some items in small spaces can cause them to break or get damaged, which is a loss for you.


To prevent this issue from happening, take accurate measurements of your largest pieces of furniture and other large objects in your current home, and compare them with the floor, door and window measurements of the new home. Make sure you do this before moving.


If the new home is large enough to accommodate all your things, that’s great. However, if the house is smaller, you’ll be forced to give out or sell the extra large items that might cause you problems later. Alternatively, if the items can be dismantled, do so and reassemble them afterwards.


Finding Your New House Inhabitable

Image Source: https://images.pexels.com/photos/1288482/pexels-photo-1288482.jpeg


Imagine after all your planning for several months, packing and being transported to your new place, only to find out that the house isn’t ready for occupation. You’d feel very frustrated I guess. This problem can turn your move into a nightmare in an instant.


It’s possible to find that the previous owners of your new rental apartment have not vacated the new house. This can be because they have no money to find a new place to stay after being evicted.


The new home that you bought can also be inhabitable if the renovations aren’t complete, the paint is still very wet, or things haven’t been cleared from it. In the worst cases, you may not even have the keys to access the house because the previous owner is unreachable.


To prevent this, draw a proper plan for your move in advance. Find out when the house will be ready for occupation a few weeks before moving. Some days before your scheduled move, request for a meeting with the previous owner to collect the keys to the house and confirm that it’s ready for occupation.


On the other hand, if the problem has already happened, you can lodge in a nearby hotel as you wait for the place to be vacated or opened. If you have no money, find friends or relatives who can accommodate you and your family for the time being until everything is settled. As for your stuff, you may be forced to hire an external storage locker or warehouse to keep them safe.


Other problems you might experience while moving include being involved in an accident, losing your household items through theft, losing or misplacing important documents, dealing with an agitated pet, not setting up your utilities in the new home beforehand, as well as dealing with a broken moving truck in the middle of your journey.


There are several challenges you might experience when moving to a new house, including being scammed of your money and belongings, and finding out that your new house isn’t ready for occupation. However, if you take your time to plan properly beforehand, everything will go smoothly, and your move will be easier, stress-free, and more enjoyable.