How to Deal with Personal Calamities



When life presents you with issues and problems, it’s best to be prepared to deal with them calmly and intelligently to avoid them becoming a larger calamity. Whether it’s an injury to your person, financial difficulties, relationship problems or some tricky situations at work, having a steady head and an understanding of what you can do to improve your position will sit you in good stead to dealing with life’s inevitable setbacks. Here are some things to bear in mind for when you’re in a position that requires a measured, experienced response.


Take Stock


Whatever the problem that has arisen in your life, the immediate aftermath is likely to leave you highly-strung emotionally and stressed in a way that can hinder your decision making. This is natural, especially in the case of deeply personal and emotional issues such as relationship breakdowns and psychological issues. The important thing to realize in the wake of such personal disasters is that you may well not be making the best decisions while you’re not thinking straight; taking stock of your situation by giving yourself a little time to recover mentally will allow you to make better, more sensible decisions.


This kind of reflection can take many forms. Some people find writing their problems down, either in a list or in a diary, a cathartic and sense-making exercise. Or, you may find exercise or a long walk can clear the head of irrational thoughts, bringing some clarity to your situation that wasn’t forthcoming before. Whatever strategies you employ to create some much-needed headspace, be prepared following setbacks to rationalize your position over time, avoiding damaging knee-jerk reactions so you can plan your way back to well-being.


Talk to Those you Trust


Family and close friends are our safety net in life - those that we turn to when things become difficult for whatever reason. They’re always there to listen to our personal problems and to offer advice if we’ve suffered damage to our property, theft, or mental health issues. Always bear in mind the restorative and beneficial quality of constructive dialogue with the people that know you best and can, therefore, deliver to you the finest and most heartfelt advice. Even if it’s just hanging out with our best pals after an argument with the boss, they’ll help you feel better so you can respond to the situation with positivity.


Don’t allow pride or fear to prevent you from sharing your problems; not only will this isolate you from the emotional support that humans tend to thrive off, but in practical terms, you’ll be missing out on a good deal of advice that you may never have considered yourself. Think, for instance, of the aftermath of a flooded home: your friends and family will all have practical advice on how to dry carpets, prevent further damage and ensure your electrical systems are not unsafe. They’ll also likely come and help with the repair work. It’s part of life to be supportive of friends in need, so don’t pass up on this useful and personal resource.


Consider Institutional Options


Some personal calamities need not consider institutions, such as the likes of personal emotional trauma created by relationship difficulties. But in some cases in which a crime or measurable slight has been made against your person, you will be entitled to the support of the police, medical staff, or law attorneys who will all be experienced and will enable you to report (and be supported through the aftermath of) a crime, be treated for any injury, or win back some money in the form of compensation for your personal problem. The cases in which you may seek institutional help are myriad; it can be useful to know about services such as citizen’s advice bureaus who will be able to direct you to the most applicable services.


Especially the case for personal injuries that leave you unable to work, traumatized in some way, or in a great deal of pain, there are avenues to explore in order to make your deal a little less upsetting. For instance, the police will be able to bring justice to whoever is culpable through the long arm of criminal law, while you can discover more here about personal injury lawyers who can win you compensation through the courts in a way that makes everything feel more balanced after a personal setback. Justice is an important part of healing problems, so whenever the machinations of justice are at hand, bring them on board to help with your case.


Consider Specialized Help


From financial black holes to the dark night of the soul in terms of depression and anxiety, there are always a richly rewarding set of resources out there to help you through whatever particular struggle you are engaged with. To take financial woes as an example, you’ll be able to find advice for free online on money forums discussing the exact issues you’re facing, which will leave you feeling less alone. Then there’s a range of financial advisors and state assistance that you can engage with who’ll help you establish some productive steps out of your economic demise - experience matters in this case.


When it comes to emotional turmoil, psychological trauma, or a long-standing mental health disorder, a brave and important step in the path to feeling better can be enlisting the assistance of a counselor or therapist to help you think and feel your way out of situations that have weighed heavy on the mind. Sharing your problems with those who are trained to show you them in a different light, providing an external objective opinion to your subjective emotional experience, can be extremely liberating, putting all your woes in perspective. We tend to overthink our problems, allowing them to stew in the recesses of our mind; therapy may help you let go of personal emotional injury, allowing your life to flourish with a new-found freedom.


In life, you will suffer the sort of physical, emotional, vocational and financial setbacks that can really throw you off your chosen path. Bearing these tips in mind when such life events strike will leave you in the best position to deal with life’s calamities with a sureness of mind that will get you back on track as soon as possible.