How to Wear a Necktie

A Necktie for Every Occasion

We truly live in a golden era of fashion right now. It has never been easier to access such a wide variety of different clothing in so many colors and patterns. With all of these accessorizing options we now have, it can even get a little overwhelming. Don’t worry though; FINE magazine is here, and we have your back! Below, you can read about different types of neckties for every occasion!

Skinny Necktie

Super tailored and super Euro, the skinny necktie is skinnier than the standard diamond-shaped necktie. This type of necktie is super trendy right now because it goes with the style of suit that is in: fitted to the body and with less extra fabric. These neckties go with slim-cut suits that have narrow lapels and thinner collared dress shirts. Skinny ties are something that could look a tad out of place if you have a more broad body type, so make sure to pick a tie that looks good on you. Neckties should always come down to around (but never lower than) the belt buckle.

Classic Black Tie

Just like the Little Black Dress, this timeless classic should be a required staple in every individual’s closet. Able to be worn in such a variety of situations and events, when in doubt go with the Classic Black Tie. The fact that it’s black means this tie will accessorize with almost anything. Some events require that you own a black tie--could you imagine going to a funeral in anything else? It’s not uncommon for events to specify that it’s a "black tie event." When in doubt, stick with the essentials!

Fun Tie

There are a lot of creative ties out there that have that extra flare. A necktie with an abstract pattern is a fun way to liven up any drab suit. There is such a thing as too much fun, though. Yes, you may love Batman but there’s a time and place to show your love for DC comics, and it’s not while wearing a fitted suit. A crazy-looking tie can make your outfit visually too busy with the wrong patterned shirt. For example, if your tie has stripes, only wear a shirt that is a solid color.

Bow Ties

Found yourself in a world of cookie cutter neck wear? Bow ties are a great fun alternative for bringing personality to your outfit. Bow ties are the most similar to the first neckties invented back in 17th century France to keep the top of their Croatian Mercenary’s uniforms closed. The French (being the fashionistas that they are) thought the accessories looked great and started making them into a decorative piece of clothing for social events. Bow ties are also almost a must-have neckwear when wearing a tuxedo. A bow tie is a great choice for any and every day when paired with a collared shirt. Do be aware that the buttons on your shirt will be more visible than if you were to wear a longer tie. This means you need to be careful to make sure that everything matches. One thing is certain: bowties are cool.

Clip On Tie

Okay, so something needs to be addressed here: I’ve always found clip-ons and pre-tied ties a completely legitimate form of necktie. Hey, fashion is difficult for some men out there. Obviously you’re not going to wear a clip-on on your wedding day, but if you’re trying to shave a couple minutes off of getting ready early in the morning, I certainly think no one has the right to judge! Obviously have some good neck ties around for when you need to dress up, but you’ll be all right in most situations with a clip-on because it’ll look like a normal tie to everyone else. At the end of the day, what matters is if you think you look good.