Interior Design Trends For 2018 That Will Make Your Home Look Fabulous

As we swiftly approach the new year, many of us will be making resolutions for 2018. Whereas some of us will want to get fitter, some of us will want to learn more, some of us will be searching for a new job, even more will be thinking that it’s time to get the house decorated – perhaps for the first time in years. So what interior design trends are coming our way in 2018?



Our love for gold waxes and wanes, but in 2018 it will be all the rage. Gold touches here and there add a definite richness to your entire home and it can be done in many ways, from pillows to throws to picture frames to light fixtures; the list goes on. Don’t go overboard or your home will look, dare we say it, tacky. Be careful and get the balance right, and it will look like the chicest of palaces. Also, it pays to spend as much of your budget as you can afford on the gold accessories because buying cheap generally means buying twice.


A Mixed Kitchen

In the past, kitchen trends were centered around everything being clinically white. In 2018, it will be a different story altogether. It’s time to mix everything up, and make things eclectic rather than perfectly matching. This way, your kitchen will reflect more of your own personality, and that of the home you live in – you can have four different chairs at your table, for example, and unmatched cupboard doors. You don’t want your kitchen to look the same as everyone else’s and here’s a way to make sure that’s the case.


Make it Bright

In the past, bright colors were frowned upon. The walls had to be neutral, in beige and cream kinds of shades. 2018 sees something different, though. 2018 sees bright colors making a comeback. Of interest will be – according to the experts – indigo and bright pink, so if you’ve been thinking of changing up your wall color, now’s the time to do it. If you’re not sure how to use bright paint colors in your home, William Nunn Painting can give you some expert advice (and carry out the work for you).


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Herringbone Floors

A wonderful looking, professionally installed herringbone floor is the way to go in 2018. As great as painted floorboards are, they have fallen out of fashion, and it’s time to take that wooden flooring just one step further. This kind of flooring doesn’t need as much upkeep as some other kinds, and doesn’t scuff quite as easily either. A natural wood finish adds a warmth and coziness to any home, and herringbone floors are particularly good in hallways to welcome people in.


Black and White Art

If your walls are going to be bright and colorful, then it makes sense for your art not to clash with them. That’s why, perhaps, in 2018 we’ll see an upsurge of black and white statement art. It will look classy, moody and elegant, and lend a sophisticated air to your home, no matter what the subject matter may be.