Interview with Bistro West in Carlsbad

Bistro West brings farm to table cooking to Carlsbad!

Bistro West

At our inaugural European Market event last month, we featured a myriad of talented vendors and restaurants, including Bistro West. This fabulous restaurant serves classic comfort foods like pizza, burgers and pasta dishes, as well as fresh seafood. Bistro West is located in Carlsbad and owns a 3 acre farm from which they serve farm–to–table food. We interviewed manager Greg Cole about Bistro West's amazing food, farm–to–table system and what's next for the Carlsbad restaurant.


What kind of cuisine can be found at Bistro West? What's the ambiance of Bistro West like?

We have an eclectic menu featuring steaks, pastas, salads, burgers and pizza. We have a beautiful bubble wall with comfortable booths. We host a semi–open kitchen where our guest can see our rotisserie oven and pizza oven.

Bistro West proudly states they are a farm–to–table restaurant. Explain what that means and why you’ve chosen to be farm–to–table. 

We have great pride in owning a 3 acre farm just down the road. We focus on heirloom veggies, including carrots, tomatoes and mixed veggies. We grow root veggies and plenty of fresh greens. We have a beautiful herb garden with a few citrus trees. We practice organic farming and our team shows up to the restaurant with bundles of beautiful produce daily. Our inspiration is to know where our product is coming from and to create products from scratch. 

Bistro West Carlsbad

Your website states that Bistro West’s menu evolves seasonally. Can you tell us what seasonal dishes guests will see on the menu this winter season?

Due to weather and production, we incorporate our farm items into our daily fish and veggies on most à la carte items. We love using our heirloom produce in our daily soup features. Some of our standout dishes include Beef Stroganoff , NY Strip, Chicken Pot Pie and Short Ribs.

What’s on the horizon for Bistro West? 

We are ready to mix it up. Chef John Miller is a master of creating new craveable items that our guests keep coming back for. He has created a real “wow!” factor here at the Bistro, and we can’t wait to see what’s next. It’s tricky to keep everyone happy, so we are keeping some staples, improving on quality and introducing some new exciting dishes. Stay tuned!

Bistro West Carlsbad

Is there anything in particular that you really want to discuss? 

We think our food is why people join us, but when they come in and meet our team they realize we are doing something different here.  Our contemporary comfort food is met with a true southern hospitality, and our team members love creating new memories for our guests. [Our team members] truly have an emotional connection with our guests, and it’s such a privilege to get to know them. We love what we do, and we are always growing with our community. We are happy [with] where we are, who we are and who we serve. We are very excited for 2016 and beyond.