Joining a Gym––What Should You Look For?

How to Decide Which Gym to Join

Joining a Gym in 2017

Deciding which gym to join has become a popular dilemma of modern society. As the fitness industry grows, there are many standards that gyms have exceeded in order to compete with one another.

Some gyms value unparalleled standards and unique lifestyles, while others value sheer revenue and sales. There are many qualities of an excellent gym that differ from a subpar gym. In the world of fitness, comfort and quality make reaching your goals all the easier. After considering the location of the closest gym, look for the important things that influence each member’s experience. Before walking into any gym or doing research online, consider these important factors:

The Gym’s Free Trial

Looking at pictures of a gym online and taking a tour with a sales person can prove different from experiencing what it’s like to be a member. Ask about a free trial before you pay for anything. There should be more that attracts people to the gym than the will to exercise. Remember, joining a gym is an important investment when it comes to health and wellness, so your final decision should come down how you like the gym itself. If the sales person does not confidently offer a free trial, you should try another gym—this means they are either driven by sales or they don’t believe their gym is worthy. The right sales-person will smile when you ask for a free trial, because he is confident you’ll like the gym and equipment offered. 

The People of San Diego’s Gyms

Now that your free trial has begun, it’s time to observe. When observing the gym, you should find yourself fitting in with the other members. The members directly influence the culture of each gym. There are gyms by universities filled with students, gyms by high-end offices that are filled with executives, etc. Consider observing the habits of current members. For example, a gym full of slobs can be annoying to the common clean freak, or a gym full of bodybuilders can be intimidating to those who don’t like people grunting and taking pictures. The people you see at the gym during the free trial will be the people you’ll deal with every day if you become a member. 

The Gym’s Activity

Most people have a specific time they like to workout, so the prospective member should try the gym during that usual time. It’s important to consider what classes you will be taking to make sure they aren’t too popular or low-quality. Of course, no gym can be empty all day, but some gyms tend to be overcrowded. It’s a good idea to observe how long the wait will be for a machine, a shower, or sometimes a locker. If the size of the member base fits the size of the gym, there should be no worries. 

The Little Things

The value of amenities should not be underestimated. It’s hard to resist the finer things in life, and many gyms know that. A great gym will have everything people desire for their morning routines. Shaving cream, mouthwash, razor blades, shampoo, conditioner, and so much more. Be selfish. When leading a healthy lifestyle, the gym should feel like a third home—behind your actual home and your work, of course. There are gyms that understand the value of such amenities and opt to provide a luxurious experience. Find these gyms. From their customer service, to the eucalyptus-infused steam rooms, gyms like these offer amazing amenities that often make people extend their welcome.

The Service

Perhaps the most important factor that plays into the member’s experience at any gym is the quality of service. The employees are extremely important. Their personality and attitude represent the experience each member will have when they walk through the door. From personal trainers to class instructors, the employees are the face of the gym. Look out for availability, consistency, and attention. The employees should create a friendly, and open environment. Machines shouldn’t be out of order for too long, and the availability of amenities should be consistent. Class instructors and personal trainers should always show up on time.

It’s important to remember that each individual quality is open to personal preference. People have different standards, and finding a gym that respects those standards can be hard. Sacrifices are often made, but the experience often suffers. If a member observes the qualities they prefer before joining a gym, then they’ll find it easier to get up in the morning and strap on their gym shoes. 

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