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This month is our Entertainment Issue, bringing you the best that San Diego has to offer to get the most fun out of your fall. Learn how the professionals get a party started with Wayne Foster Entertainment. Make your home smart and connected, so that lighting and music is only a touch away from your smart phone. Don’t miss all the wonderful performances our city has to offer, and head down to the races for Del Mar’s extended season. We also help you get into shape with music as your guide, and stay healthy with some tips on how to stress less and live longer.

When Del Mar opened in 1937, Bing Crosby was at the gate to personally greet the fans. On August 12, 1938, the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club hosted a $25,000 winner-take-all match race between Charles S. Howard's Seabiscuit and the Binglin Stable's colt, Ligaroti. In an era when horse racing ranked second in popularity with Americans to Major League Baseball, the match race was much written and talked about and was the first nationwide broadcast of a Thoroughbred race by NBC radio.[2] In the race, Seabiscuit was ridden by jockey George Woolf and Ligaroti by Noel Richardson. In front of a record crowd that helped make the fledgling Del Mar race track a success, Seabiscuit won an exciting battle by a nose.

Heather Winfield, Publisher