Magazine Issues

Our Men’s Issue is about more than just the average men of San Diego– it’s about how to be the best man in the county. It’s about the experience of being a man in San Diego, whether that means you’re a successful lawyer (page 50), an honorable philanthropist (page 34), or one of the county’s most prosperous businessmen (page 58). It’s about how to be your most dapper self, with the best men’s beauty products (page 44) and all the best men’s fashion (pages 38 & 64). It’s about making your body stronger, faster and fitter in the best environment possible (page 60). In these pages you’ll find only the best of San Diego’s men and masculine pursuits.

FINE is not a magazine for the everyman, but for the FINEst man. We would like to offer you a warm welcome, a firm handshake and our insight into how to be the best man in San Diego and beyond. 

As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said; Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.  

Heather Winfield