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Delicious Food is the Spice of Life


Dear Readers,

As the new editor of FINE Magazine, I want readers to feel at home when they read the stories in this issue and in those to come. And what better time to start than with my favorite topic: Food. This issue explores some of the most delicious parts of San Diego, we get to taste some fresh sushi, sample amazing Mexican food at Coasterra, look out along the San Diego skyline with some stylish rooftop drinks and dining. Hike through historic Old Town San Diego and try one of the best margaritas you’ll ever taste. If hiking isn’t your thing, maybe consider jumping on board San Diego’s newest craze, Flyboarding. And as a final food staple, take a tour of some of San Diego’s most popular specialty coffee shops.

But good food doesn’t always come easy, sometimes you have to do a bit of exploring to find something spectacularly tasty. At the Mahekal Resort in Mexico, we kick our feet up and relax with drinks in hand. And what pairs best with a vacation resort? Golf! We’ll introduce you to the latest in golf technology, the ROB-OT BMS1000 to help you improve your game 110 percent! But the perfect swing doesn’t come easy, take it from the Fitness Twins, Jeff and Josh Gregson, they’ll teach you how to become the best version of yourself and reach all your fitness goals. And of course, don’t miss our feature piece on Family Law’s Dynamic Duo at Antonyan Miranda!

And so, with the start of summer, we wish you to taste all that you can and travel safely and happily.

Best Wishes,

Asma Mohammed