Magazine Issues



In office full of creatives, the Art Issue is the one that gets all of us buzzing months before publication!

We toss around ideas like ping–pong balls, every one of us excited to contribute to one of the most creative issues we get to publish every year. And when it comes down to choosing which local artist, activity or even venue to include in the Art Issue, it’s always tough to pick the winners.

This year, we truly believe we’ve compiled the best of San Diego’s burgeoning art scene for your perusal. From our fashion feature, which celebrates both art and Balboa Park’s centennial, to the benefits of dance, to our look at some of the most, unique tacos shops in San Diego (around here, tacos are definitely an art form!), we’ve rounded up the best and brightest of the county.

So flip the page and let those creative juices start flowing! 

Heather Winfield