Makeup Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere This Spring

18 SPRING MAKEUP LOOKS – Here are some trendy makeup looks to experiment with this season


It is nice to know that whether you are new to makeup or are an experienced beauty guru, there are always new tricks to learn and pick up on every season. Makeup is an art, and like all art forms, it is ever evolving and refining in both style and technique. Spring/summer looks will always be different than fall/winter looks concurrently with fashion trends. Different colors will be more popular, and the trends come and go. The best part about these looks and trends are not so complicated enough that it can be done and pulled off by those both experienced in makeup and otherwise. Here are some looks that have been seen on models the runway lately:


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1. Bold lips


Bold lips are one of the more versatile and straightforward trends. It is also not necessarily limited to just dark colors but can be brighter ones too. Such tones include plum, red, and indigo, etc. Other looks that fall under the bold lips category is having an ombre or cherry, flushed lips.


2. Bold, winged colorful eyes


Many models have been seen with bright and really thick eyeliner application for emphasis. Also instead of using the traditional black or dark colors, the popular choice of colors used on models range from anything neon, pastel, lime and emerald green to lilac and pink, or cobalt blue.


3. Natural, bare faced


No longer is heavy makeup highly glamorized. Now it is glowing, dewy skin that is preferred. Achieving the dewy look is all about prep work and what you put on before the foundation, or by using B.B. cream or C.C. cream minus the foundation. There are primers from brands like Glossier that, when combined with foundation that give out a shimmery, moisturized appearance. By going more natural, you instead can focus on other applications of your face like your highlighter, lip color, eye shadow, and fluffed up brows.


4. Peachy, pink, & rose gold shades


These colors genuinely reflect and epitomize the spring season with the soft, almost nude tones. Because these shades are so light, they give you an airy, sophisticated look. One could argue that this is also a very feminine color if that is a desirable appearance. These hues can work on your lips and cheeks as highlighter and blush, or on your eyes with eyeshadow without the eyeliner.


5. Bright red


This sort of falls under the bold lip colors from number one, but this is also relevant for nail colors too. Showing off the bright crimson on your lips or nails will compliment most outfits you wear and have you stand out from a mile away. After all, they say that red is the color of passion and seduction.


6. Shimmery eyes


Especially the gold or rose gold look works to create the shimmery effect on the face. Again, green or aqua-green is another color, in particular, that is going to be in this spring season. Shimmer can be applied both on the lids, under the eyes, or all around. It really sparkles under the right lighting, a great way to step up one’s selfie game.


7. ‘Unusual’ Eyeliner


Typically, when people apply eyeliners, the conventional technique is to draw the wing to create the cat eye look. Cat eyes have been the norm for many years. However, the trend nowadays seems to be gearing towards a statement look that is more original and counter-culture. So instead of ending with the sharp, thin curve, it can end in a circle also known as the “thumbprint.” The eyeliner can also be drawn around the eyes instead of outlining them.